Police Run Over Woman’s Dog and Then Charge Her For Damage To Cruiser

When Heidi Schwank, 65, was told by police that her Australian Shepherd Robby had been hit by a car on the highway in Germany, she was predictably upset. However, she became incensed later when she learned that Roddy was intentionally run over by the police and then presented with a bill for the damage to the car.

Schwank says that the police initially told her that a motorist hit Robby. Police now say that the police ran over the dog to protect the public. Just ask the Wessel. Spokeswoman Jessica Wessel asked people to understand: “You can imagine that in the dark, on New Year’s Eve with explosions and everything all around, a dog being chased by strangers is not going to calm down, and you’re not going to catch him.”

The police have demanded that Schwank, a retiree, pay $3907 for the damage to the patrol car used to crush Robby.

Schwank is looking for a lawyer. They may want to avoid a trial with this jury of Robby’s peers.

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22 thoughts on “Police Run Over Woman’s Dog and Then Charge Her For Damage To Cruiser”

  1. They don’t have any animal control people, that have the proper equipment to capture a dog, in Germany???

    Something don’t seem right….

  2. Apparently in Germany,the condition of a police car is more important than intentionally running over an innocent dog.On top of that,they had the nerve to lie to the woman!How then can they call themselves policemen?If that happened here it would be a travesty!

    I hope she gets the best lawyer money can buy,because something needs to be done.

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