Goth Cats: Woman Convicted of Animal Cruelty for Piercings

There is an interesting case out of Pennsylvania where a dog groomer has been convicted of animal cruelty for ear and neck piercings. It is the defense of Holly Crawford that makes the case particularly notable.

Crawford, 35, was marketing “gothic kittens” on the Internet with ear and neck piercings. She was acquitted on two separate counts. Before she was convicted of one misdemeanor count and one summary count of animal cruelty, her lawyer argued that parents allow children to get piercings, so why should kittens have a higher level of protection?

What do you think of this defense?

For the story, click here and here.

27 thoughts on “Goth Cats: Woman Convicted of Animal Cruelty for Piercings”

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  3. This is ridiculous!! First off, Cat ears are MUCH more sensitive than human ears, and even though yeah I’m a “goth” I’ve got piercings/tattoos I WOULD NEVER EVER get my kitty’s ears or neck pierced!! 🙁 poor thing, can you imagine the pain it must cause them?! Look at that cat’s face… Look like a happy kitten to you?! No! I don’t believe in piercing ANY animal. Weather it be cattle, rats, cats whatever! This is cruel!!!

  4. Any i repeat ANY kind of pain that you cause an animal is animal crulity.. yeah parents allow their kids to get piercings but the kids want those pierceing i dont think kittens do! this sick woman should go to jail

  5. And this lady’s lawyer who defends her should be ashamed of himself. These people should goto jail & never be allowed to own an animal again-ever! And I don’t agree with dog tail cropping etc either.

  6. I think all of you that are debating this as not cruel are absolutely insane. These animals are defenceless. People who make these insne choices should never own an animal!

  7. BIL–

    I’ve never declawed any of my cats. Sure they’ve done some damage to sofas and chairs–but they’ve been like members of my family.


    “Some people aren’t as nice about their pets, seeing them only as chattel and not as living beings. Therein lies the rub.”

    That’s true–as is the fact that some parents mistreat and abuse their own children.

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