Florida Police Officer Arrested For Allegedly Writing Fraudulent Tickets

Florida police officer Paul C. Lawrence, 38, allegedly was so good in combating traffic violations that he did not wait for them to occur before ticketing citizens. Lawrence has been charged with giving tickets to people who were not even in the state, let alone on the highway.

Prosecutors believe that Lawrence was trying to fulfill his quota of tickets — a ridiculous practice among police departments that forces officers to write tickets to bring in revenue.

Authorities believe that Lawrence used information from prior traffic stops to write the tickets.

In November alone, Lawrence wrote 397 tickets with 82 missing a signature and 203 of them were later dismissed. One man was in Peru at the time that Lawrence said he was speeding down a Florida highway.

He is facing 22 counts of official misconduct, a third-degree felony.

This is not an unheard of occurrence as we have seen in prior stories.

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5 thoughts on “Florida Police Officer Arrested For Allegedly Writing Fraudulent Tickets”

  1. Funny that i just found this article. This clown stopped me twice on the palmetto back in 2007 and 2008 for a bogus defective tail light that was working perfectly fine when i went to fix it. I remember thinking about filing a complaint but didn’t want to waste time thinking it wouldn’t get anywhere.

    BTW, I’m a Hispanic also.

  2. If you think that is bad, check out this website at policeabuse.weebly.com Fake 911 calls, crash reports, hiding
    pictures of scene of accident, false witness—-all with proof.
    Who’s watching the prosecutors?

  3. Just another lazy cop … it’s easier to write out a bunch of phantom tickets than to actually go out and catch lawbreakers.

  4. As someone who’s very familiar with my county’s traffic court system (and learning more about the odd parking citation court), this doesn’t really surprise me.

    So for the hundred or so citizens who either fought it and lost, or just paid it, how are they going to get their money back?

  5. Another one bites the dust. I have gotten phantom parking Tickets from the city of Detroit. It was easy to prove as I was not in that side of the state as I was in a Jury trial in Federal Court on the West side of the state.

    However, I paid it because it was cheaper than fighting it.

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