Say Goodbye to the Dentist’s Drill . . . And Hello to the Acid Syringe

This might not sound like much an improvement, but the hated dentist’s drill is about to be replaced with the “acid syringe.” Pick your poison, drill or acid. Sounds like something from the Marquis de Sade school of dentistry.

A German company has come up with this innovation. After having the dentist inject acid to eat through the enamel, you can rinse it out with ethanol. Yummy.

If you really hate dental drills, the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has an old-fashioned dental shop — equipped with a foot-pedaled drill. At the one of that experience, you would probably be happy to dunk your head in a bucket of acid.

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10 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to the Dentist’s Drill . . . And Hello to the Acid Syringe”

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  2. ethanol is actually grain alcohol. It is not safe to drink, it is somewhat as dangerous as white lighting/moonshine but manufactured in a much more controlled setting. That was the opposition to utilizing ethanol as a fuel and as has been pointed out, it has additives that make it unsafe for human consumption.

    I was reading about states that still have Blue Law banning alcohol sales of spirits greater than 15/18 percent. Segregate items such as scope, nyquil etc because they generally have alcohol properties greater than 25%. They will not sell you these items on any given Sunday.

  3. Ethanol is simply corn whiskey – only a poison if you chug a quart. Ethanol used as fuel has poison added at the factory, so you can not drink it.

  4. “ethanol”? Is that not poison? I hope that tooth collar prevents the ethonol from ending up in the patient. I wonder if alcohol substitutions will be allowed; perhaps a martini rinse? đŸ˜‰

    Aside from the above quibble it sounds like quite an advancement.

  5. Yikes, a .22 sounds easier and more sufficient. But if it works, after reading the mail online, it has possibilities. I just don’t want to be the test subject.

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