Man Dies After Being Tasered in Arizona

We have another taser related death. This one is out of Arizona where Mark Andrew Morse, 36, began to have breathing problems after being tasered by a highway patrol officer. He later died.

The officer spotted Morse walking in the carpool lane on the Interstate. Morse had just left his fiance after a quarrel and the officer says that he “became combative” and “took a fighting stance” when questioned by the officer.

The police officer reported that he thought Morse appeared to be on drugs.

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22 thoughts on “Man Dies After Being Tasered in Arizona”

  1. There have been 3 different stories told to the family by two different law agencies and none of them make sense. There was not even any reports of this to the news until the 8th of Feb..The truth is we are all be kept in the dark by the law and we are the people who’s taxes feed their families.My brother was unarmed ,had no criminal record was here on vacation to introduce his soon to be wife to our mother and wound up dead “at the hands of the law enforcement we pay to protect us.Does any of this make any sense to anybody because it scares the hell out of me and should every american citizen.AND HOW DARE THEY NOT GIVE HIS LOVED ONES HONEST INFORMATION…Instead they try to some how make their incompotance his fault. If you were to reverse the rolls my brother would be charged w/ murder…YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN Mark Morse I Love You…

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