Rap Sleet: JMU Students Arrested for Felonious Snowballing

If you see these men on the streets, you are advised to be cautious and avoid eye contact Charles Gill and Ryan Knight, both 21, are felonious snowballers. The James Madison University students were arrested in Harrisburg when they threw a snowball at a city plow, which hopefully could handle the hits. The snowplow driver was aghast and called police. The men then threw snowballs at the officer’s unmarked vehicle. Of course, in Washington, our detectives go directly to the use of their handguns to warn snowballers, here.

The students were jailed for throwing missiles at occupied vehicles, a felony. They face between one and five years in prison, and a maximum $2,500 fine.

The foreign press is all over this story, here. They are right to find it ridiculous. It is part of our criminalization of America where every infraction must be defined in criminal terms, here. I am only surprised that this was not charged under the ever-expanding domestic terrorism laws. After all, snow is only a few chemical changes away from C-4 plastique.

Now, if it was this snowball I could understand the response:

For the charge sheet and story, click here.

23 thoughts on “Rap Sleet: JMU Students Arrested for Felonious Snowballing”

  1. emarel,

    Believe it or not the white man has not much more respect for the thug military cops/police than anyone else.

    We are just generally left alone as we have designed a way of retribution against them for the same.

    I think that there is a thread here where a mayor or city counsel daughter was with someone that the police thought that they should investigate and all hell broke loose. I think it was Columbus or Cleveland.

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