Rap Sleet II: Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Blowing Snow on Plow Driver

If Charles Gill and Ryan Knight are looking at five years for throwing a snowball at a snow plow, one can only imagine what they would get using a weapon like a snow blower — a difference akin to a single-shot .22 caliber hand gun and a Thompson machine gun. Steve Negri may soon learn the answer to that question: he is accused of blowing snow on a plow driver.

Negri says that the plow driver was irate when he accused Negri of blowing snow into the street. The men had words and both threatened to call the police. Negri says that the driver got out of the truck to deliver one last warning and was hit by snow – leading to a charge of assault on a borough employee.

Once again, I fail to see why such cases must be handled in the criminal justice system. It will certainly bring a new meaning to prosecuting someone for blow.

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6 thoughts on “Rap Sleet II: Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Blowing Snow on Plow Driver”

  1. Hey this is great….I am the person that has been accused of this crime here in Pittsburgh. I just saw my neighbor across the street who had been out of town and he said….”tell me when” This is BS…you were not the agressor and HE should be charged with harassment.

  2. From the linked article: “When I asked, ‘Well did you ask the neighbor across the street who actually started this?’ He says, ‘I don’t need to.’

    “I said, ‘What do you mean you don’t need to? It’s part of the investigation.’

    “He said, ‘Look I’ve known him (driver of truck) for 17 years – I know who he is I don’t know you so we’ll just let a judge sort this out,'” Negri said.

    —-Oh, the ‘buddy system’ of justice. I thought that the ‘buddy system’ was only for swimming.

  3. Like you avatar LottaK. Nice.

    This is an abuse of office if this person is Prosecuted for this. Why can’t street cleaners do there job of cleaning the street of snow and the homeowner do his job of clean the drive. It will melt anyway.

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    According to (Marvel editor-in-chief) Quesada, what was originally intended as “a generic protest group” only acquired its Tea Party identification when a letterer added the slogans at the last minute to protest signs that the artist had left blank. The slogans will reportedly be removed in future printings of the issue.”


  5. Lets just arrest everybody.

    Come on, whadda ya say?

    Lets just lock up everyone in the country.

    Its what we want, right?

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