Meet Clifford Garrison: The Alleged “Honeymoon Bandit”

According to police, Clifford Garrison is simply irresistible to women. Known as “The Honeymoon Bandit,” Garrison allegedly woos women and then runs away with their money. It is the wooing part that leaves me a bit confused.

Garrison, 60, allegedly swindled more than half a million dollars out of his wives in 2000. He adopts various identities such as golf pro or former POW to interest the women.

Garrison cannot resist spreading the love. After being sent to jail in 1999, he took out an ad in the personals section of the San Francisco Bay Guardian for a wife as a lonely executive.

Nines wives like nine lives proved his limit. He was arrested this week and spent Valentine’s Day in jail.

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40 thoughts on “Meet Clifford Garrison: The Alleged “Honeymoon Bandit””

  1. Cliff/Bobby-
    There is no twin brother. That was the lie you told Liz after the Librarian found your falsified documents on the copy machine in Plymouth. You are such a creative person- you should from this moment forward just tell the truth and see where your life leads you. You have time to hope for forgivness and love a real, honest life. Nothing happened in 2011, it was 2010. Nobody drags around documents “proving” themselves except you and this invisible twin brother (he, you had all the paperwork (he called it that too) to prove to Liz all of the BS. )We ALL adored you- stop the crap and make amends with your family and loved ones and live a real life. You’re a guy who made up a ton of stories and who wore Velcro shoes and a torn jacket- you lived in a rented room that received mail with all of your aliases, you made friends and had a girlfriend or two. All you had to do was say “I’m sorry” and own up to your mistakes. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t- but there’s no Bobby, no twin, no Lamborghini, no big house, no American Express card, no Tiffany jewelry- move on. Be AUTHENTIC. You’ve hurt a lot of wonderful women- just OWN IT! Step up to the plate and say I’m sorry and live right from that moment on- you can do it, soldier/golfer/csi agent/millionaire/grifter/VA guy- just face your past and move on- you are too old and life is too short to chase down your lies- Godspeed man.

  2. He has no family the family has adopted him. He was adopted when he was younger.

  3. Ya for some reason girls fall for him don’t no why. And ya I figured it was him. He has never been a man. I saw him walking in belleville one day turned my car around and tried talking to him and he tried saying I had the wrong person. I no it was him I met him once and that’s all it took. He is a lier cheater and no good. He is my grandpa but not by choice. Becouse of him I grew up with out a grandpa and a mom. I’m glad he ain’t in my life he is no good. And yes I no your to respect your elders but for him to do what he is doing he ain’t a adult. He is a no good for nothing humen being. And I wish I would of never met him. I hope girls don’t fall for his crap again anymore and he don’t hurrt no one else. Sorry he keeps bothering you. Everyone is dead to him unless its a women with money.

  4. Krystal I am very sorry for the trouble he has caused you and everyone else. I have since told him to leave me alone but he can’t manage to still stop lying. I have know him less than 2 months so thankfully I found out quickly. I am assuming Bobby and the second Corrina is him pretending to be them. He will eventually have no one left to befriend him. Thank you Doug for meeting me. I wish you and your wife lots of luck with Cliff and getting him out of your house.

  5. that was not corinna that rought that. corinna is my mother and her mom is celia and she is not dead she dont have nore has ever had cancer. she lives in michigan. and he is not ever been a grandpa he has never met his great grand children. he loves to use and hurt women and clifford garrison dont have a twin brother he was adopted when he was a child. he was never a cop or any of that he was in the airforce but thats about it. he is not a pro golfer or anything.
    i ran into him walking down the street and he tried saying he was someone else. he is not a good man nore has he ever been, and im his grand doughter and i have only met him once and thats it. and his wife that everyone is saying died her name is celia orr she is still alive. he has never stayed with anyone that long so who ever stole corinnas name wow my name is krystel owens and im corinnas doughter and he is not what everone is putting on here about being amazing. he used all theese women been married several times, he is a dead beat and never even been a father to his doughter he took off on her when she was a baby. my yahoo is if anyone has something to say right me but he is not a father grandparent or any of the aboove and never has been.

  6. Can we have brothers name so we can look up death certicate? Joanie , yes and vehicle used for recent sad event was mine. Bobbie he’s been claiming you are going to asisst him for weeks yet nothing happens? Oh and Bobbie you said he was god father to your 2 wives.

  7. I can’t leave it alone. I have known him for over 40 years and he has never once lied to me. I am here on this earth because of him and my wife and I are together yet because of him, he is God father to two of my daughters.

    Someone did you wrong by getting your email address falsely and you want nothing done.

    You say he lies that is all there is to it. Yet in your first post you say he lives with his sister, yet he says he never told you that. You say he has never asked me for money or tried anything dishonest. I am trying to prove that he is not his brother, not that he lied to you and shouldn’t have. That was wrong, but I will not let the things be said about him that aren’t true.

    I will continue with the search to find that person who sent the email and they will be found.

  8. FYI: There is an ongoing search to find the person who obtained a persons email address without their permission and then sent an email utilizing items from this site to that email address. That is in direct violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 and there are severe fines that can be incurred.

    Some of those “guests” have been identified and with the help of those personally involved further information is being gathered through back tracking of that email and an IP location is being searched for.

    Once that IP address has been identified that individual(s) will be contacted regarding the illegal use of another’s email address.

    Please be careful of accessing this site as you IP address is then available to anybody who has the knowledge to capture your email address.

  9. My name is Corinna and I am the real daughter of Cliff and I can tell you this that I have never been to this site in my life and would never have come here except that my father found out and told me I needed to go here and see what was being said about him.

    I have now come to this site and cannot believe the lies I am hearing about my father and all those people who think that he is a con man. He is not and it truly was his brother who was the guilty party here. My father would never have taken anything from my mother and has always been there for me, my children and grand children. He is an amazing human being who does not know how to take and only gives to try to make others lives better.

    I only wish that I could find out who tried to use my name because I would never have given my real name out to a site such as this and I would never have spoken negatively about my father. Evans is not even my real name it is my daughters married name. So whoever did this was evidently trying to make it look as if my fathers family was against him also. And for what reason I have no idea.

    My father was there for my mother until her deatah in 2003, their 34 years of marriage were nothing but great and for the most part of 5 years after the marriage my father wouldn’t even date. So those things being said about my father taking to buy a ring for someone else is pure bull crap (wanted to use another word)

    My father was never a dead beat and never had to miss any child support payments as he and my mom were married well beyond my 18th birthday.

    I wish there were something that I could do to find out who used my name and made these completely false statements about my father because he is not that type of a person.

    I know Bobby and he has been a friend of my fathers since Vietnam and I can assure you with Bobbys background and work he would never have anything to do with my father if my father were the person that these people are saying he is and he is not.

    I also agree with Bobby in that those of you who use the name of guest are only afraid to be found out who you are because everything that you have said can and would be found to be complete lies.

    During the time that my mother was dying of cancer my father was by her side from the time they found out the cancer could not be stopped and he remained ther until her very last breath, holding onto her hand as she slipped away from us and went to be with the Lord.

    I want to say this, as for my fathers brother, he was a major pain in the butt (wanted to say something else) to my father and evidently I have found out that someone is now trying to break up my father and his current girlfriend, which to me is totally screwed (wanted to use a differente word) up. Nothing that has been said about my father being a con man or doing anything illegal during his life time is a total and complete lie, and I will put my life on that.

    I could never have been handed a better and more loving father who has been and I know will always be there for not only my family but his sisters and their families.

    I find it hard to believe that people would actually get on a site like this and tell complete lies about someone that they seriously do not know, for if they did, they would not have said any of it. I could understand if they were using my fathers brothers name when saying these things because that is exactly who was doing these things using my fathers name, and my father has to keep paying the price.

    I know for a fact that my father has documentsd prrof that he is not the person behind all of these scams and these documents were filed through a court and a judge would never have signed their name to somehting that didn’t contain factual informaiton.

    So for all of you out there who want to say things about people but are too afraid to use your name, then guess what I hvae to say to you screw (wanted to use a different word) you. And to the person who used my name when writing back in 2011 then you need to be found out and prosecuted if you could be for doing that. You make it look like I had a crappy life with my father and that people is something that is not true. I will say this again that he is and has always been a wonderful father, grand father and great grand father. My two newest twin grand children have been my fathers pride and joy and he has made sure that they are included in everything that my father or any great father would do for their great grand children.

    TTo those of you who have made these false statement about my father I have nothing to say to you except get a life and try to do something more productive with your lives than to just write about someone who you have no idea you are writing about.

    It does seem like a number of you have come in contact with my fathers brother and for that I am very sorry, you didn’t deserve to have had that happen but I can assure you that it was not my father. So to those who are saying they are sorry for me, forget it, I have the greatest father and would never want anybody else as a father.

    Thank you Bobby for your comments and to my fathers new girlfriend, plesae know that you are getting one great person and you should feel blessed by God to be able to know him. You probably already know that my father is not a taker but a giver, and he would do anything for you. That is my father, the one who gives and never takes.

    It is so sad that we can’t have more men on this planet like my father rather than those who do like his brother did. And then use my fathers identity to hide behind his illegal acts and then take your own life and leave my father to defend himself. Shouldn’t be happening and it is a shame that it is.

    To my fathers new girlfriend, you have already learned of the reunion and when it is going to take place and I and my family look forward to meeting you.

    So to those who will continue to believe that my father is who my fathers brother was, then you need to stop and smell the roses and realize that life isn’t about lies but aabout the types of things that my father has continued to do all his life and that is to be there fro each and every person he has ever met.

    Dad I love you and want everyone to know that I think you are the greatest and I am very sorry that these nut cases that want to blame you for something you had nothing to do with should be ashamed of themselves.

    Your ramily knows you and loves you and we always will.

  10. I have known this man for over 40 years and I know that his brother is a dead look alike. I also know that court documents prove without a doubt that this man is not the man each and every one of you is talking about. His brother has been playing identity theft for well over 25 years with him and he has had to defend and refute allegations concerning his life compared to his brothers.

    I know that he is the god father to two of my wifes and my daughters and he has not only been helpful with them but has always been there as friend to us. A person placed a reply on this site and claimed that he has never asked for money or tried anything dishonest. After having talked to someone regarding this issue it was learned that not only has he not asked for money or tried anything dishonest but he has helped this individual financially when she was in need of financial help.

    This truly is not the person who you speak of and being retired from a position where I can assist this man in finding out who the people that makes posts using the name “guest”. I feel that if you are brave enough to post a reply to this site then you should be willing to post your name and I will as I said assist in any way that I can to help Cliff get rid of this monkey off of his back.

    As for who he is and what he is, pretty much everything you have all been told about him by his brother is fairly accurate. I have seen Cliffs paperwork regarding him being a professional golfer, his military career as most of it was spent with me, either working for him or working with him.

    I would ask that those of you who want to post to sites like this don’t be afraid of revealing who you are. Each and every computer that you send from has an IP address that can be tracked and then Cliff will know who you are. The reason he does not know who you are is because he wasn’t the one you were dealing with. KAB makes mention of him wearing velcro shoes and ripped fake members only jackets. As I have said I have known Cliff for over 40 years and I have never once seen him wear velcro shoes and ripped jackets. He may always be dressed in jeans and t-shirts and tennis shoes as he likes to walk, but never as this person described him being dressed.

    A couple of other things that have come up about him is that somewhere in the beginning of 2010 there was a case in Monroe County regarding a bad check, that situation occurred in 2001 and had nothing t5o do with Cliff as he wasn’t even in Michigan then except for the funeral of his mother. And that was three months before his brother decided to pull off this one on him.

    hose of us who know Cliff and know that he is not the type of person to be doing those types of things, well it bothers us tremendously to read and hear about these things. If anyone will check you will see that after 2010 not one thing has ever happened involving Cliff. The things KAB speaks about in her November 2011 reply are things that occurred with his brother in February 2010. Other things that have happened have been posted about better than a year after they happened and it makes it look as though Cliff is still at it where he was never at it and after his brothers death last year, nobody has heard of anything whatsoever. Also if anybody wishes to not believe what I have gathered regarding the KAB posting, then please feel free to look up the court case which was resolved in 2010, not 2011 as KAB makes it appear.

    This Terri situation is another thing to be challenged. She claims September 2011 is her time, but that situation occurred in 2010, not 2011, again had nothing to do with Cliff but his brother. Please know that I have the resources to find this information out. Also the guest from February 2011 also has the dates wrong, this occured in 2010 also, but everybody decides to post in 2011 making it look like this all happened just last year when in reality it was two years or more ago and his brother passed away in 2011.

    Thus Cliff could not have been doing any of this. Now we have this new post stating that he has never taken, well actually never even asked for money, and never done anything dishonest. That people is not the person you are all describing. So give the real man a break and lay blame where blame is deserved, and that is right on the shoulders of a brother who can not be questioned or asked about all of this.

    Again I and many others have know Cliff for many years longer than probably some have been around, and we have found nothing wrong with him, but his brother has done plenty wrong and used Cliffs identity to do it. The Terri lady who claims it was Cliff, well photos and documents were found on Cliffs brothers computer that would lend credence to something other than what she is saying. The fact that her husband had just passed and was on a dating site within 4 months looking for a new guy, and then while supposedly wanting to be courted by Cliff (actually his brother) was chatting with another guy. All these emails and photos were found on his brothers computer, not Cliffs.

    I will shut this down, but please remember when you post something on these sites they are there forever and it can haunt a person for a very long long time without that person ever having done a single thing wrong in his life and this is the case with Cliff.

  11. Yes he works in Ann Arbor but lives in Romulus with sister I am told. I have met them when I have taken him home several times from work because we work at the same VA. He told me all about Corrina and Crystal his Granddaughter. He has never once asked me for Money or tried anything dishonest. I am sure it is the same guy but told me Peggy was Corrina’s Mom and that they were married for 34 years and that she died of cancer. He does not look like that anymore and has lost 80 lbs. He did tell me about a twin brother that committed suicide in 2010 who was using his name to do this. I found out and told him never to talk to me again.

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