Harrisburg Mayor in Showdown With Controller Over Gag Order

Harrisburg, Pa. Mayor Linda Thompson and Harrisburg City Controller Dan Miller are in a remarkable confrontation that could virtually shutdown the city. Thompson issued an order to city workers that bar them from speaking directly to the city controller’s office, city council members and the media. Miller responded by giving her an ultimatum: rescind the gag order or he will rescind his payroll signature stamp.

All city payroll checks will have to be printed on paper and sent to the controller’s office for Miller’s signature. Miller insists that the mayor’s order violates Pennsylvania law that provides the city controller have access to all information related to expenditures.

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3 thoughts on “Harrisburg Mayor in Showdown With Controller Over Gag Order”

  1. The Controller is an independently elected office. I was wondering if Politics are driving the request of the Mayor to not talk with the other office.

    Do we have some questionable spending on behalf of the Mayors office?

    Is it a show of Office by the Controller to show the Mayor who is in control of the purse strings? Is it like the proverbial rectum being in charge of the body until the rectum decides to not discharge anything. Then everybody part starts slowing and finally relents after great pressure that the rectum is really in charge.

  2. I wonder what has happened that would bring this about. There must be something rotten in Denmark.

  3. A few prescient word gleaned from the Honorable Linda Thompson’s State of the City Address:

    “We are stronger when we act together. We are more resilient when there is unity of cause and purpose. We are more successful in overcoming challenge when there is a shared vision and a partnering of resources.”

    Do tell, Ms. Mayor, do tell!

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