Sink the Bismarck: British Brewer Releases a 41 Percent Beer

A Scottish brewery has achieved the dubious record of the beer with the highest level of alcohol — a response to a German brewery that produced a 40 percent beer. BrewDog returned fire with a 41 percent beer named “Sink the Bismarck.”

The German brewery Schorschbrau started the beer battle with its new beer Schorschbock.

It is a good thing. Those Scottish football fans have been struggling with regular beer for years. Now, you can cut the time in half for the pre-wilding inebriation stage and get straight to some serious hooliganism.

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7 thoughts on “Sink the Bismarck: British Brewer Releases a 41 Percent Beer”

  1. Finally have a bit of time to beer geek out…

    The two highest alcohol content beers I can remember drinking are Sam Adams 2007 Utopia (27% ABV) and Avery’s the Beast (depends on the year, but generally around 14-16%). Both were fantastic (the Beast being one my favorite beers), but the price on the Utopia was prohibitive then and too high for the 2009. Avery actually puts on a “big ale” festival every spring in Boulder, where every beer has to be over 8%, with most about 10%.

    I had a Brewdog beer a few years ago (one of their imperial stouts aged in Isley scotch barrels). It was a good beer, but not superb. Left Hand’s Oak Aged Imperial was much better, and the port barrel aged version of the 2007 JW Lee’s Vintage Harvest ale is fantastic. I’ve got also got a bottle of Lost Abbey’s The Angels Share sitting in my cellar waiting for a special occasion.

  2. May I suggest a few minutes on “yoochoob” looking for the old Spitfire beer adverts – “downed all over Kent, just like the Luftwaffe”.

  3. Steve,

    You’re not paying for the beer, you’re paying for the resources that went into producing a yeast strain that can survive and keep fermenting up to that alcohol content.

  4. Once upon a time I had an African beer at Maggie Mae’s in Austin. That is all I recall. Ok, I had two. I awoke in bed and everything was good, even the vehicle.

    I am glad those days are over.

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