Getting Hyer: Mayor Arrested for Selling Pot

Olympia Mayor Pro Tem and incoming Thurston County Treasurer Joe Hyer was arrested this week for allegedly selling pot on the side. Hyer, 37, was arrested after a two-month investigation that involved both undercover agents and an informant.

The informant said that he bought drugs twice from Hyer in the mayor’s own version of a stimulus package.

Police say that they found packages of pot in Hyer’s home.

His bio says that he is not only a former Eagle Scout but a graduate of George Washington University.

Hyer owns The Alpine Experience and Olympic Outfitters in Olympia.

One of the big questions will be whether Hyer was simply selling pot to friends to cover his costs. It does not sound like the police found a large amount of marijuana in his possession.

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13 thoughts on “Getting Hyer: Mayor Arrested for Selling Pot”

  1. Swat came out and arrested my neighbor across the street. Another neighbor, very very conservative, couldn’t believe the guy was selling drugs because he flew an American flag. I suggested maybe the flag was a signal he has stuff to sell. I thought she was going to have a heart attack. It was really kind of funny but since I like her I changed the subject.

    By the way, did Hyer run on a law and order platform. You know, you want a half ounce or a whole? Or however it is sold these days. I remember the nickel bag but I suppose that wouldn’t get you much these days.

  2. i like the part where it says that he was a boy scout and a college graduate, as though you can’t be all that and smoke weed too. i’m also wondering what they had on the “informant”.

  3. It only takes a little bit to get to this point:


  4. So we are seeing a very religious man here. He was looking for a quicker way to see god and he will soon meet one that not only thinks that he is God, but you better know it as well…..

  5. Most of the marijuana laws in this country are ridiculous. I think I should be able to grow pot in my own basement, for my own use. Regulating commerce is one thing, intrusion into the personal private activities of the citizens is another.

  6. “One of the big questions will be whether Hyer was simply selling pot to friends to cover his costs.”

    That should go over big in the courtroom.:-))

  7. So was he “clocking”on the corner in an “open air” market are was he more sophistacated with his operation?

  8. From the source:

    ”Personally I hope that we can just forget about it. He’s a very good — he’s been a very good councilmember, he’s done a lot for the community,” said resident James Wellings.

    Straight from a constituents mouth, eh, Washington?

    Or do only war criminals get the Get Out of Jail Free Card?

    I love the smell of governmental stupidity in the morning! Smells like . . . hushpuppies.

    Size 10.

    Burnt to a hypocritical crisp.

  9. I agree with AY.

    Given the amount of marijuana, I’d say he was already deeply in touch with his Higher (Hyer) Authority.

    PS. By the way what exactly is a LARGE amount of marijuana? 😉

  10. I’m sorry, Mayor, I’m not laughing at your situation. I am sympathetic if anything. But I’m still laughing over the name thing. I can’t lie about that.

    No sir.

    Not one bit.

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