Dr. Rank: Kentucky Psychiatrist Held in Stabbing of Woman

In Kentucky, Dr. Douglas Rank, 51, is being held in the stabbing of a woman, Misty Luke, 32. The psychiatrist is charged with first degree assault.

Rank was being held by witnesses when police arrived at the scene and found Luke with stab wounds in the chest.

Rank has had problems with his practice, including discipline for having sex with a prior patient and proscribing excessive narcotic drugs to a patient.

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24 thoughts on “Dr. Rank: Kentucky Psychiatrist Held in Stabbing of Woman”

  1. Ive really tried to stay quiet but just wana say this is misty{victims} mother. Please wait til everything comes out before you judge her. I love her and support her with her strong heart and mind.

  2. Canadian Eh,
    Your points re: RX’s are well taken. I’m suffering from a disabling heart ailment and recently was prescribed a medication that made it worse. Thank god for the PDR and on line sources I stopped its’ use and got my MD’s apologies. It seems though in my experience Psychiatrists rarely even have the decency to apologize.

  3. Mike,
    To me it’s frightening actually. I have actually had a psychiatrist, on several occasions, while contemplating a med change for his clients, turn to me and ask ” what do you think would help?”!!! Even more shocking is the fact that this Dr. has actually acted on my suggestions!! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely uneducated in psychopharmacuticals, I have taken courses, and certainly have had to look various items up in the CPS for ppl before. Should I, however, be trusted with making decisions in these matters….absolutely not. I often wondered what the Doc would do should I suggest, when asked, that a client would benefit from Viagra!!!
    Patient beware…..whenever any doctor writes a PX note, look the drug up, check out side & adverse effects, and drug interactions, stick with the same pharmacy for everything, and ask your pharmacist any questions that you may have!!! Typically Dr’s don’t take the time to be as thourough as they should.

  4. Canadian Eh,
    Isn’t it interesting how widespread that belief and feeling is with people who do the work, or did like me? The fact that they are limited mostly to prescribing gives me little comfort, because I have seen them prescribe with abject stupidity and lack of sensitivity to the patient. I know personally of too many cases where the medication regimen produced side effects that made things worse, rather than better for the patient.

  5. There should have been a couple of spaces…

    Sad truths… (I agree with Mike S.)

  6. Mike S.,
    In my professional dealings with psychiatrists, on almost a daily basis…I couldn’t agree more! Fortunately for the people that I work with, their psychiatrists are in the picture more for the purpose medication management and leave the therapy to those of us with far lower salaries!!

  7. As someone who has had extensive professional dealings with psychiatrists, including their hiring, my personal opinion is that many of the practitioners of this profession have what could be called “issues.” While I’ve known, have met and read the works great psychiatric practitioners, there are far too many that fall far below a standard of mediocrity.

  8. Perhaps he was simply trying to cut through all of the BS and get to the heart of her problems!

  9. Canadian Eh,

    If it had been a little higher stab, it could have been a real Tongue in Cheek….

  10. Correction!

    I wrote: “Rank can’t claim it was a unconscious Freudian slip of his sword.”

    That should have been: Rank can’t claim it was AN unconscious Freudian slip of his sword.

  11. Now this is a method of ” Tough Love therapy ” that I’ve not witnessed before!

  12. Rank can’t claim it was a unconscious Freudian slip of his sword. He intentionally assaulted the woman because she was much “too Jung” for him.

  13. I presume that he’ll be just a rank and file inmate. A sword you say. Buddha, this is your thread, I can tell.

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