California Woman Arrested After Throwing Puppy Into Traffic During Argument With Boyfriend

Danielle Graham, 21, was arguing with her boyfriend Hakeem Funtua, 24, when she decided to emphasize her points by grabbing his pit bull puppy and throwing it into traffic where it was killed. When police tried to arrest Graham, Hakeem joined her in resisting arrest and had to be pepper sprayed.

Graham pulled the puppy by its chain to the roadway and then threw it in front of a car.

She has been charged with animal cruelty and assaulting a peace officer.

Funtua was held on suspicion of assaulting a police officer.

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4 thoughts on “California Woman Arrested After Throwing Puppy Into Traffic During Argument With Boyfriend”

  1. Poor puppy. That’s even a worse puppy victimization than when Jon Stewart said Nancy Grace of CNN was out raping puppies when the Duke lacrosse fiasco proved she was totally and completely incorrect about that case as she slandered all those innocent players. 🙂

  2. What no Tasers, Stun Guns? The article says that the man (?) did not want her to go with him to pick up his 12 year old sister. So she tosses his dog in traffic? I don’t think that I want her number or maybe I have had her sisters number.

    Out of the story. First one and then the second.

    “Two Hawthorne police officers witnessed the incident and attempted to arrest Graham, who resisted. In the ensuing physical struggle in a nearby parking lot, Funtua joined the skirmish in an apparent attempt to aid Graham, authorities said.”

    “Graham was charged with one felony count of cruelty to an animal as well as one count of felony battery with injury on a peace officer. Funtuna was also charged with resisting arrest.”

    She would have probably beat him if he did not help her.

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