Couple Arrested After Allegedly Blind-Folding and Videotaping Falling 11-Month Old Baby

Delmer Doss, 19, and his girlfriend Amber Burgess, 19, have their own alleged version of family videos of their 11-month old baby. Police say that the couple blindfolded their 11-month-old son and then recorded the child bumping into walls with a video camera.

What is particularly horrific is that babies at this age are still prone to dangerous head injuries. The couple had him run between them while blindfolded. At one point, the baby came close to colliding with a door.

A mother who was shown the video reported it to the police.

They are now both charged with misdemeanor child abuse and were released on unsecured bonds. Both also face other charges. Doss was arrested for shoplifting and consuming alcohol while under the age of 21 and Burgess faces charges of possessing a controlled substance in jail, possession of drug paraphernalia and consuming alcohol while under the age of 21. While some cities are contemplating a test for people to own dogs or cats like a driver’s license, this couple shows that anyone can have a baby.

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13 thoughts on “Couple Arrested After Allegedly Blind-Folding and Videotaping Falling 11-Month Old Baby”

  1. I’m just wondering, in response to FormerFederalLEO’s post about government being too intrusive, would you have the same view if this 11-month-old baby had died of a fatal injury while being blindfolded by his so-called “parents?” I sincerely hope not.

    There was a case out of Paradise, CA recently where one seven-year-old girl was killed and another girl hospitalized in critical condition as a result of some kind of religious “training program” for children. This couple is now facing murder and torture charges for the beatings they inflicted on their adopted daughters, and in my opinion rightly so. When parents take things too far and their kids are injured (or risk being injured), or even worse, killed as a result, I don’t believe it is being “too intrusive” when law enforcement steps in. JMO, of course.

  2. While I agree that these are not very good parents and I abhor their drug/alcohol problems–especially as parents, they should not lose their child over this incident.

    Also, I played Blind Man’s Bluff when I was about 5 years old with my siblings and other kids. I agree that what these parents did to their much younger child was wrong; however, the State is being much too intrusive here.

    This should just be an embarassing wakeup call–and nothing more–to these teens who were too young to have childern themselves, in the first place.

  3. My first thought was America’s Funniest Home videos. Prosecutors would have a field day if they wanted. I live near San Jose where two cops were just let of the hook for beating a suspect while he was on the ground. So, it’s OK to beat the crap out of a guy if you wear a badge, but “you’re under arrest” if you follow a very popular TV show and video your kid doing something funny.

    Did these parents put a blind fold on their kid and let him play in the street? I admit this was in bad taste and shows poor judgement with an 11 month old child but don’t the police have something more important to do like arrest a student for doodling on their desk? Or go all John Ashcroft on a “naked” snow torso?

    I’d also like to hear the Professor’s comments on the lady who got an extra set of boobs. Legal news of the weird.

  4. You know Duh, after watching that video, the first thing that came to mind was Americas Funniest Video’s. Maybe the District Attorneys Office’s across the country could watch that program in search of parents to prosecute.

  5. These two are the poster children for people who do not deserve to have children. I sure hope the authorities in North Carolina make sure that the child is kept away from these maniacs.

  6. There is one thing about this blog site,it never ceases to amaze with some of the post.

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