New York Air Controller At Kennedy Airport Suspended After Letting His Two Children Direct Aircraft

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a bizarre incident where a child was allowed to direct air traffic at John F. Kennedy airport,. An air controller brought the child to work on February 17th and apparently fed the child lines to give orders to pilots. Both the air controller and the supervisor have been suspended. Now it appears that the air controller not only let his 9-year-old son direct planes at JFK but repeated the stunt with the boy’s twin sister the following day, here.

Here is the whole transcript:

Child: “171 cleared for take off.”
Pilot: “Clear for take off JetBlue 171”
Child: “Let’s see your Air Mexico 403 Kennedy, runway through left position and hold.”
Pilot: “Going to hold Air Mexico 403.”
Unknown: “This is what you get guys when the kids are out of school.”
Unknown: “Wish I could bring my kid to work.”
Child: “JetBlue 171 contact departure.”
Unknown: “Over to departure JetBlue 171, awesome job.”
Child: “03 clear for take off.”

New York and New Jersey air controllers have become a major source for such stories, here.

For the full story, click here.

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  3. Nal,

    While it is fact that life/species have evolved, the cause of that evolution is only a theory.

  4. The media is blowing this way out of proportion. In none of the reports does it mention the kid is directing planes on the ground preparing for take off, and not planes in the air. I am pretty sure that their dad was aware of everything going on and could easily intervene if something wasn’t going right. Either way, he was still accountable to what was happening to the planes.

  5. Duh,

    The burden of proof is on the one making the claim. You claim a Creator did it, show the evidence.

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  6. Two things:

    1. I think having the child relay the communications was a bonehead decision. Not because anyone was put in harms way, but because it was bound to be seen as a problem.

    I thought the kid was pretty easy to understand. I can’t say the same about all air traffic controllers. Some controllers speak so fast, and are so monotone, that you have to really work to understand them. Try doing that while flying blind (IFR), in nasty weather (wind gusts taking you up 1000 ft. and dropping you back down).

    Put the father back on the job. Tell him not to do it again. And then get over it.

    2. Nal, As soon as you can demonstrate that our Creator could not have purposely made the design changes that you attribute to evolution, then I will consider someone to be an idiot for not accepting your conclusion. Why do you think they call it the “Theory of Evolution”? If you want to believe that a condor shit on a rock, and the sun hatched your distant relative, you are most welcome to do so. I prefer to think that some “being” created the different forms of life we find on earth, and that Creator has the ability to make changes that will permit that life to be better suited to their environment.

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    BOTH of these parties are to blame for the shape we are in.
    BOTH of these parties are to blame for the shape we are in.
    BOTH of these parties are to blame for the shape we are in.

    Sorry for the repetitiveness, you just can’t say that enough.

  10. Byron, I have nothing against Obama, he seems like a nice articulate guy.
    I just don’t think he’s the guy that should be President.

    Nor do I think McCain, one of the “Keating Five”, from the biggest scandal of the 80’s should EVER have been even considered for President, let alone winning the primary!!
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    I just went ahead and started out fresh again with the Libertarian Party.

  11. John454:

    you are right about that, so I take back my chastisement of Obama for being young and inexperienced, he does have David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Robert Gibbs, Chas Sunstain and others right there ready to take over if he screws up.

    Jimmy Carter’s prayer thanksgiving:

    “Dear Lord thank you for sending Barrack Obama to the White House, no one remembers me anymore.”

  12. This guy just needs to be told not to be doing that crap any more because it makes people nervous.

    It didn’t make the pilots nervous. In fact I bet it made them sit up in their seat and pay more attention as soon as they heard a childs voice.

  13. Gezzz the kids did NOT “control” the airplanes, they were repeating what their Dad told them. And I am sure he was RIGHT THERE if they had flubbed a line and needed to be bailed out.

    This was NO WHERE near as dangerous as getting rid of all the experienced air controllers like Regan did and then bring in new people that had little training.
    I don’t think any non-pilots had ANY idea just how much danger they were put in.
    There wasn’t this much stink over replacing everyone, but then news/politicians blew it off as a “labor dispute”, not really as a safety concern.

    This article claims safety has gone up from new equipment, GEE what do you think the old controllers were on strike for!??!?
    To make it safer for people to fly!

    This guy just needs to be told not to be doing that crap any more because it makes people nervous.

    On to the next story….

  14. It is not as bad as Cheney and Bush ruining the country. Hoover anyone?

  15. This has been a 24/7 story here in the metropolitan area,and it getting heavier:

    Child’s Play at JFK Airport

    The FAA is investigating how a child directed air traffic at JFK airport. As Sharyl Attkisson reports, the controller, who brought his son to work, has been suspended while the FAA investigates.

    Air Traffic Controller Hands Reins to Kids
    Kid Directs Traffic at NY’s JFK Airport
    (CBS/AP) For the third time in seven months, the judgment of those who operate the nation’s air traffic control system has been called into question and raised concerns that the system may not be as safe as officials claim.

    While major air crashes have declined sharply over the last decade, thanks largely to improved technology, aviation safety experts say they are seeing signs that complacency may be causing controllers and their supervisors to bend rules and relax their vigilance.

    The latest incident was reported this week: A controller twice brought a child to work at the control tower at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, one of the nation’s busiest airports, and allowed the child to radio instructions to pilots. The Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday the controller and his supervisor have been suspended pending an investigation of the incident last month.

    The boy, whose name and age haven’t been disclosed, was apparently supervised by his father, a controller named Glenn Duffy, reports CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson. Late Wednesday, the FAA told CBS that Duffy also allowed another child to interact with pilots the next night – one who sounds even younger than the first.

  16. Johnny, say roger Airbus 182

    Johnny hold the button down and say Delta 346 cleared for take off.

    This is not a big deal. I think they should be allowed to bring the kids in once a month. Correct me if I’m wrong but most follow in the parents footsteps.

  17. What was done is just right. It might be so simple for adults but to children, i don’t think it that simple. The thing is, there has been an action, there should be no bigger fuss anymore, because come to think of it “what for?”

  18. Why the big deal??

    President Regan thought ANYONE could do the job, that’s why he FIRED all the air-traffic controllers, and brought new people in.

    I suppose its so easy even a caveman could do it!

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