12 thoughts on “Sit, Spin, Rinse: Japan Introduces Dog Washing Machine”

  1. I can’t believe those morons laughed at that poor dogs’ terror. I wish the dog would have bit them all.

    Those microtels were meant for tired businessmen to take a nap in. They were rented by the hour. But, since so many people are becoming homeless they are being rented by the week. I guess it might be better than underneath a bridge, maybe.

  2. I just can’t believe that my Yellow Lab would stay in that contraption. He would destroy the machine finding a way to get out of Dodge!

  3. Bob. Just chuck the cat in the normal washing machine with your work clothes.

  4. the Japanese are always coming up with stuff like this. do you remember Microtels? a small box with a bed in it that you climbed into like a bunk bed.

  5. Thumbs are wasted? Damn. How would I ever zip my pants, button a button into a hole and use the space keep?

  6. “Thumbs are wasted on the humans like youth is wasted on the young.” – Some Old Gorrila

  7. It’s all fun and games until a cranky Great Dane eats an overly ambitious owner rather than go for a ride in “The Box”. Not because he’s afraid of it, no. But because he’s angry we as a species used our thumbs to build something this stupid.

  8. This is funny. Humm, can you use it on kids with really bad diapers.

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