Sit, Spin, Rinse: Japan Introduces Dog Washing Machine

This is the newest technological advance out of Japan: the Dog Washing Machine. It seems more popular with owners than dogs.

The full cycle lasts 33 minutes and includes a shampoo, a rinse and a dry. The only problem when the chihuahuas get stuck in the drains.

For the full story, click here and here.

12 thoughts on “Sit, Spin, Rinse: Japan Introduces Dog Washing Machine

  1. I can’t believe those morons laughed at that poor dogs’ terror. I wish the dog would have bit them all.

    Those microtels were meant for tired businessmen to take a nap in. They were rented by the hour. But, since so many people are becoming homeless they are being rented by the week. I guess it might be better than underneath a bridge, maybe.

  2. I just can’t believe that my Yellow Lab would stay in that contraption. He would destroy the machine finding a way to get out of Dodge!

  3. the Japanese are always coming up with stuff like this. do you remember Microtels? a small box with a bed in it that you climbed into like a bunk bed.

  4. Thumbs are wasted? Damn. How would I ever zip my pants, button a button into a hole and use the space keep?

  5. “Thumbs are wasted on the humans like youth is wasted on the young.” – Some Old Gorrila

  6. It’s all fun and games until a cranky Great Dane eats an overly ambitious owner rather than go for a ride in “The Box”. Not because he’s afraid of it, no. But because he’s angry we as a species used our thumbs to build something this stupid.

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