Milwaukee Police Sergeant Sentenced to Eighteen Months for Assault on Handcuffed Suspect

A former Milwaukee County sergeant was sentenced to 18 months in prison for assaulting a handcuffed suspect in a police cruiser. As shown in this video, former Milwaukee County Sergeant Scott Krause punched Ray Calderon several times after he kicked the patrol window and cursed at deputies.

Once again, one has to ask what would have happened if this incident occurred off camera. It is very unlikely that any action would have been taken in such a case.

Before sentencing, Krause gave a tearful apology to Calderon and the public, here.

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24 thoughts on “Milwaukee Police Sergeant Sentenced to Eighteen Months for Assault on Handcuffed Suspect”

  1. As a former correction officer I know what these officer did to those citizen was WRONG! There should havenever been a strip search with male officers present. Especially if there was female cops present. They knew that just like I know that!

  2. Cheryl,
    He was arrested for failing to appear in court on a traffic violation. He’s a nice guy…hardly a common drunk or criminal. What happened to him was nonsense…the cop plead No Contest…it’s not like he fought the charge at all.

  3. Cheryl, just because the cops have to interact with criminals, doesn’t give them the right to become criminals themselves.

    They guy was just trying to get them to let him go to the bathroom. Is it too much to ask that people at least be treated better than an animal?

    “What if” he killed a family?!?!? Then I expect him to be sentenced after he’s found guilty in a trial.

    “What if” you became a prostitute, should we then be able to abuse you under the “color of law”??

    Everyone has to get treated fair, or NO ONE will get treated fair.

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