Irresistible Offer: Limbaugh Promises to Move to Costa Rica If Health Care Passes

Rush Limbaugh may have given the Obama Administration the very thing needed to pass the health care legislation by a wide margin. Limbaugh has promised to leave the country if it passes.

The good thing is that, no matter how the legislation might improve or diminish health care in the United States, Limbaugh’s departure would cut the nation’s high blood pressure in half.

Here is the exchange for future reference:

CALLER: If the health care bill passes, where would you go for health care yourself? And the second part of that is, what would happen to the doctors, do they have to participate in the federal program, or could they opt out of it? […]

LIMBAUGH: My guess in even in Canada and even in the UK, doctors have opted out. And once they’ve opted, they can’t see anybody Medicare, Medicaid, or what will become the exchanges. They have to have a clientele of private patients that will pay them a retainer and it’ll be a very small practice. I don’t know if that’s been outlawed in the Senate bill. I don’t know. I’ll just tell you this, if this passes and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented — I am leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica.

That should do it. Call the vote quick.

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29 thoughts on “Irresistible Offer: Limbaugh Promises to Move to Costa Rica If Health Care Passes”

  1. Don’t get my hopes up, Limpballs – if you’re going to do it, do it. In fact, I’m feeling so generous towards such a mentally-challenged blowhard such as yourself, I’ll even help you pack!

    Just don’t let the door hit ya where your good lord split ya …

  2. I did a quick search but this is the crocodile bridge just outside of Jaco on the Pacific Coast. The last time I crossed the bridge a man had a heart attack and died. Emergency response was there within 15 minutes but he could not be revived. You stand on the bridge and see these massive animals and you are in awwwww.

  3. Great place but has become to Americanized. The land values are ridiculous now. More bang for buck in Nicaragua. I haven’t been there yet but have friends that have been going there for the last five years who say it reminds them of the first times of going to Costa. Costa Rica is no doubt Pura Vida (Pure Life)

  4. Bdaman:

    I need to talk with you about it if you would be willing. I only have a friend who has a friend down there, and I have never been.

  5. eniobob:

    he hasn’t done it yet? Even Mancow did it, I think he changed his mind on it being torture. He now believes it is.

    I wonder if any of them have done it yet? I think that if I was going to talk for it on national TV and there was a “gray” area in my mind, I would have it done to myself so I would know for sure. I guess he is a wussy or he actually does think it is torture.

  6. I guess this also falls into the promises made catergory,still waiting for Hannity to be waterboarded.

  7. “’ll just tell you this, if this passes and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented — I am leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica.”


    Those are the words of a true patriot!

  8. Oxycontin, did someone say Oxycontin???

    BIL, Here’s a Rushbo poem for ya:


    Pudding and pie
    Rush popped five pills
    And went sky high.

    He floated
    In the stratosphere
    Like the Goodyear blimp,
    A gaseous sermoneer,

    An incendiary
    Spouting racist talk—
    And full of hot air!



    Now’s the time to buy land in Costa Rica. I heard the real estate prices in that country plummeted after Rushbo said he was thinking of moving there.

  9. I came across this comment:

    “As Lisa points out, it’s funny how when progressives talk about leaving the country if, say, Dubya gets re-elected, it’s because they’re Dirty Hippies Who Hate America, but when conservatives do it, it’s obviously because they’re Concerned Patriots Who Can’t Take Anymore. Because only a dirty hippie would ever suggest that Rush doesn’t love America with all his tiny, plaque-encrusted heart.’

  10. Actually Costa Rica is a pretty nice place. I have been looking into buying some land there with a friend of mine. It is very scenic, they only have a 10% sales tax (or so I am told), they have health care, beaches, limited regulations concerning building, and warm weather.

  11. I couldn’t think of a better incentive for the Dems and for the country to pass Health Care Reform. To rid our airwaves from this pompous blowhard would be a dream come true. Of course, he probably picked Costa Rica for its renowned, single payer health care system. That way his Viagara supply would be cheaper.

  12. No time like the present.

    Why wait, Rush?

    Be sure to let the door hit you in your fat fascist head on the way out, you cigar fellating Neocon puppet you.


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