Living (and Lethal) History: Teacher Accidently Fires Vintage Gun in History Class

Dwain Haggard, the superintendent of a rural Montana school district, gave students a realistic demonstration of a black powder muzzleloader when he accidentally fired the weapon in class and shot a ball through the “o” in North on the classroom map.

Haggard is a former Civil War re-enactor, who was showing the gun to five students in the American history class at Reed Point High School. No one was injured and Haggard insisted that he does not know how the weapon was loaded at the time. Of course, he could never repeated that feat with putting a ball through an “o” if he tried a hundred times.

Next week’s demonstration: Civil war gun shot wounds and how you can treat wounded students with just what is lying around in a history class.

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13 thoughts on “Living (and Lethal) History: Teacher Accidently Fires Vintage Gun in History Class”

  1. I’m not a fan of enforcing “zero tolerance” policies in schools, but I’ll make an exception for this guy.

  2. The body langauge the officer shows seems to say,don’t worry nothing to see here.

  3. Well the police are doing it too…


  4. C.Everett Kook:

    “These parents are either hiding something, they really are that stupid, or the police reports and newspapers don’t have their facts straight.”

    I think that sums that story up.

  5. In a former life I worked for 10 years for a chap who made 90% of the muzzle loaders for the English Civil War Society and its “rival” organization The Sealed Knot.
    This chap really needs to have Mr Head introduced to Mr Butt Plate a few times.
    Nothing wrong with showing the kids an unloaded muzzle loader, letting them handle it and showing them the loading procedure in class, using something harmless to simulate the gunpowder. All good living history.
    What a muppet!

  6. A gun is ALWAYS LOADED!

    You NEVER “ask” if it is…it ALWAYS IS!!

    This is the first thing I taught the kids….Gezzzzz

  7. As long as nobody was touching any pills, there is nothing to worry about.

  8. Speaking of guns:

    Authorities in Riverside County say a woman with a gun robbed 11 customers at a market and got away with $6.

    A Sheriff’s Department statement says the woman was armed with a semi-automatic pistol when she went to La Chicanita Market in the town of Thermal on Tuesday afternoon.

    Deputy Herlinda Valenzuela says the woman confronted 10 customers in the store and also demanded money from one person who was entering the market. She then fled in an old car.

    Nobody was hurt.

  9. And only a mere 3,000,000 men were lost on both sides. What they difference between an “O” on North or South. The point is he had the gun at school. Now if a student did this what would happen?

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