Perils of the Press: Reporter Loses Temper After Flubbing Line

The only thing worse than flubbing a line is having the live camera capture your reaction afterwards. It is really the reaction of the anchor that makes this video a keeper.

In Knoxville, WVLT Reporter Gordon Boyd clearly is not happy after quoting the subject as saying that “staying and doing nothing is as heinous as doing it all.” That can now be altered to say “reporting and saying something is as heinous as saying nothing at all” on live television.

15 thoughts on “Perils of the Press: Reporter Loses Temper After Flubbing Line”

  1. I just love the look on the news anchor’s face right before he says they’re having technical difficulties. priceless.

  2. Or, as they said about one British politician, “there, but for the grace of God, goes God.”

  3. There, but for the grace of God, goes _____________________ (fill in the blank)

  4. eniobob,

    If you turn the volume up all the way, I think you can hear one of the guys in the background say “Hey! That’sa my sister”. 🙂

  5. empirecookie:
    Really nice site there,I see the big pot bust which is big news here in the metro area is there.

    One of the “einstiens”of the operation was burning “bad pot” in a fireplace and a police officer followed his nose and a $io.million dollar bust ensued and many upscale “stash houses” were uncovered.

  6. lol

    Technical difficulties.

    I suppose getting tongue tied is a form of technical difficulty. I would suggest, however, that you get someone other than a broadcast engineer to look at the problem.

  7. Only time I get nervous is when a Judge is looking at me and throws the papers down.

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