Caulk and Tuck: Women Hospitalized After Being Injected With Commercial Silicone in Buttock Enhancements

Six women in New Jersey have been hospitalized after undergoing cosmetic procedures for buttock-enhancements. The unlicensed providers used commercial rather than medical silicone — the same material used in bathroom caulk.

The silicon used was a diluted version of non-medical-grade silicone that you can buy at Home Depot.

There is no mention of the providers or any criminal investigation in the coverage. It is presumably not just a tort but a crime to conduct unlicensed surgeries and use non-medical material.

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41 thoughts on “Caulk and Tuck: Women Hospitalized After Being Injected With Commercial Silicone in Buttock Enhancements

  1. A great lesson to learn from…if you are vain & lazy, pay the big bucks for a better bootie. Squats & lunges, while very painful, can be just as effective and a hell of a lot safer!!

  2. I watched a report about this last night. Those around the woman reporting it seemed to want to chuckle when she reported that some guy was putting “caulk in their butts”. What made it really funny was the way “caulk” sounded like she had an English accent.:) So prim and proper.

  3. It gives a new meaning to crack filler…..Multipurpose I am sure, but not one of the intended uses.

  4. Perhaps this treatment could be studied as a possible cure for fecal incontinence. The product slogan: Enhance your prominence and end your incontinence. What about it, Elaine?

  5. FF LEO–

    It’s gonna take more than a double-dawg dare!


    I try not to succumb to temptation lest some claim I’ve been possessed by satanic forces. One can go too far with poetic license. I think I must “exorcize” good judgment in this case. That is, unless I can be inspired to write a G-rated poem about caulk and tuck.

  6. Mike A–

    I don’t even want to imagine where this conversation might lead us! Into the bowels of our psyches? What would Freud say?
    These women certainly weren’t suffering from penis envy–that’s for sure. They sound more like a bunch of J. Lo wannabees.

  7. Ms. EM,

    We all know you are a lady of the highest caliber; besides all them nuns what taught you right from wrong in parochial skool is most likely all angels now up yonder in heaven a’ lookin’ down at ya now (no pressure there!) Oh, and doncha forgit, the Lord will always hear ya..

    (By the way this ol’ atheist thinks that this is a beautiful video and song–I prefer the version I learned by Bobby Vee in the early 60s, but I could not find that)

  8. FF LEO–

    I ain’t had no conversation with any angels in decades. One thing I larned from twelve years in parochial skool: I’d be much happier livin’ my life as a heathen. I won’t never be gettin’ no wings–or havin’ no halo glowing round my head.

    I don’t remember that song. Maybe it sounded a lot different with Bobby Vee singing it.

  9. Um, that should be what would I do withOUT….

    All this angle, er, angel talk has got me riled and harkens back to the days I was a devout Southern Baptist…

  10. “You should have been a disc jockey!”

    I tried that, but I kept a’fallin’ ofn’ them discs by the first furlong…

  11. Ya no what Ms. EM,

    We no that ‘Fesser T has him one of them high-falootin’ lawyerin’ degrees n’ all, but my money is on hisn’ havin’ a minor in psychology er some such, because I think he intentially sets us up for our out-of-character comments by postin’ thread topics like thisn’

  12. FF LEO–

    So ya be thinkin’ the “Fesser” has an ulterior motive in postin’ about subjects sech as having low grade silicone injected into one’s buttocks in order to have the prominence of one’s booty enhanced, do ya? Mebbe he isn’t lookin’ for outta character comments–but tryin’ to remove our masks and found out who we really iz.

  13. Duh:

    she might use so much that one caulk supplier may not be enough. But looking at caulk from a macroeconomic model I would say you are correct, there is more caulk than cracks that need filling.

  14. If by ever should come the day, where caulk gets outweighed by demand will be the day when the caulk hit the highway.

  15. A Caulk Couplet

    Caulk’s for filling crevices and crannies–
    Not for augmenting ladies’ fannies.

    I figure that terse verse should get a PG-10 rating.

  16. It helps my wounds. Burns a little, but no question, it helps. I also like the saltwater of the ocean, on my skin and thru my nostrils.

  17. Ms. EM,

    Your Couplet was appropriate–too bad your PG-10 follows after part of the thread that might be rated XXX.

  18. FFLEO:

    nothing prurient was implied in any of my posts, I cant speak for the others.

    The video was about caulking and I took it as such. It was very informative and presented in a manor that holds your attention.:)

  19. The one thing that I took away from the video is, caulk is cheap. The girl in the video was all caulk and no action.

  20. Byron,

    Actually this thread has been quite devoid of blue language. No one was forced to view the video and there was fair warning. Many of the comments are funny.

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