English Woman Arrested After Videotaping Her Car Splashing Children With Roadside Water

I just saw this video of a driver who has been charged with purposively splashing school children with water. Kerry Callard, 29, was arrested. The voice that you hear is her male companion.

In the video, you hear the passenger say “Here we go, ready to drench the kids…” The man excitedly exclaims “puddle at the bottom of the hill coming up, kids at the bottom of the hill – come on!” . . . That was brilliant! Awesome!”

Callard insists that the children asked to be splashed. However, police had received complaints from parents.

In 2007, a woman was arrested after she crashed into children while trying to splash them with her car (which hydroplaned), here. Terri Elaine Perdew, 47, killed a toddler.

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16 thoughts on “English Woman Arrested After Videotaping Her Car Splashing Children With Roadside Water”

  1. “well that is the price of national health care.”

    Wrong. The problem was the enormous crowds that had started to appear.

    “Last year fifteen thousand spectators came to the event, by far the most we have ever seen, and we just could not cope… As well as concerns about the safety of the crowd and the competitors, local landowners were also worried by the amount of damage done by people climbing over fences and that sort of thing.”

  2. And it’s perfectly obvious you are a Neocon troll, cb. The topic on this thread is unsafe driving. If your intent was just to come here and “piss off” liberals, why not ask one of our regular conservative posters like Byron about how well that tactic works. He would know. He tried it once upon a time.

    As an aside, it’s no wonder Rihanna dumped you. It wasn’t just the beating. It was your inability to carry on a topical discussion as well. And the fact your music sucks.

    Again, if you are not that C. Brown, most humble apologies.

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  4. AY

    “Well just send these health folks over to Iraq and see if the Kurds get in their way…..”

    very well done 🙂

  5. Maaarrghk!

    well that is the price of national health care. they can probably make you stop smoking and drinking beer if they wanted to, or eating bubble and squeak (whatever that is) or fish and chips.

    in other words they have the ability to interfere in all aspects of your life.

    My question is the cheap health care worth it?

  6. Well just send these health folks over to Iraq and see if the Kurds get in their way…..

  7. It is with deep regret that I have to inform you all that there will be no cheese rolling this year. Killed by the UK health and safety nazis.

  8. Yes, very stupid. If these two want a thrill, they should enter the Gloucestershire cheese rolling race in which competitors run down the treacherous 1:2 gradient hillside in pursuit of bouncing 7lb Double Gloucester cheeses. At least then they would be risking injury only to themselves.


  9. I’m always amazed by how some people completely ignore the destructive potential of a motor vehicle. I’m happy no one was hurt. I hope this story prevents others from doing the same thing. The result could have been so much worse.

    I here that her “male companion” has been cast to play the role of “the devil on your shoulder” in an upcoming mini-series. 🙂

  10. Cars are not toys.


    Jackass is being kind. Sociopath is more accurate.

    Endangering children for her amusement.

    Now there’s a gal to take home to meet mom.

    If you want your mom to have a stroke.

  11. Eh,

    I am not so sure that some people are capable of thinking.

  12. I think that Kelly and her male companion need to grow up. Lots of fun targeting little kids to splash, I wonder how funny this would have been had one of the little kids slipped at the same time that she was driving close enough to soak them. Typically by the age of 29 human beings are able to think of consequence before acting out in such a stupid manner!

  13. Of course kids asked to be splashed, especially right before class starts in Plymouth England.

    I suppose the Offensive Driving School does graduate some.

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