New York Man Arrested After Videotaping Torture of Cat and Then Posting the Video on YouTube

Eric Estrada, 18, has been arrested in Syracuse, New York after he posted a YouTube video of himself torturing a cat with an electric shaver and blow dryer.

A 16-year-old friend video-taped the abuse — thereby presenting the police with all the evidence they need to secure a well-earned conviction on animal cruelty.

Estrada bound the cat before torturing it and used the electric razor to shave off some of the cat’s fur.

For the story, click here.

33 thoughts on “New York Man Arrested After Videotaping Torture of Cat and Then Posting the Video on YouTube

  1. I wonder how many other small animals Dumb and Dumber have tortured to get their 15 minutes of YouTube fame?

  2. So torturing a cat on video gets you arrested (which I wholeheartedly agree with, by the way), but saying that it’s okay to torture people as long as you tell them that they’re not going to die first gets you a job at UC Berkley’s law school. This makes perfect sense.

    If I tell Karl Rove that I’m not going to let him die, may I waterboard him until he admits that the term ‘Rovian’ is an accurate description of the tactics used in every political campaign that he has run?

  3. Yep.

    One can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals.

    This story tells me Estrada is going to be eating a lot of green bologna sandwiches in his future. Wear lots of orange. Maybe have some amateur tattoos. Maybe a cellmate that calls him “Kitty”.

  4. Slartibartfast, I suspect you’d only need a little cotton handkerchief and a small 20 oz bottle of water for Rove.

    The cost of the “session”, just $2.99.

    The memories, priceless.

  5. Buddha,

    I am sure that when the Husband or Wife wants to play with his kitty he will not be taped and shaved with an electric razor. I imagine when the want to pet or have the kitty petted he will have a choice to do it or, just say die…..

  6. I wonder why they did not charge him with possession of drug paraphenelia (the maroon bong in the background).

  7. Slartibartfast, if Rove ran the campaign, it goes without saying that it must have been Rovian in every aspect, duh.

    Rather prove that torture works and have him confess something usefull, we should all be so lucky to know what Rove and Bushco know…

    Now I’m reminded of Donald Rumsfeld’s: ‘things we know’.

    Q: Could I follow up, Mr. Secretary, on what you just said, please? In regard to Iraq weapons of mass destruction and terrorists, is there any evidence to indicate that Iraq has attempted to or is willing to supply terrorists with weapons of mass destruction? Because there are reports that there is no evidence of a direct link between Baghdad and some of these terrorist organizations.

    Rumsfeld: Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.

    And so people who have the omniscience that they can say with high certainty that something has not happened or is not being tried, have capabilities that are — what was the word you used, Pam, earlier?

    Q: Free associate? (laughs)

    Rumsfeld: Yeah. They can — (chuckles) — they can do things I can’t do. (laughter)

    Q: Excuse me. But is this an unknown unknown?

    Rumsfeld: I’m not —

    Q: Because you said several unknowns, and I’m just wondering if this is an unknown unknown.

    Rumsfeld: I’m not going to say which it is.

  8. Jericho,

    I was referring to Mr. Rove’s comments this week about the term ‘Rovian’ – he claimed that he wasn’t responsible for the rumor that John McCain fathered a black child or the swift boating of John Kerry while defending the thesis the term ‘Rovian’ was an unfair characterization of how he ran political campaigns. Your comment about proving torture works is a very good point – I amend my comment to ask permission to waterboard Karl Rove in order to get him to confess that President Bush is Dick Cheney’s love child and was born in Kenya.


    I would treasure such priceless memories…😉

  9. Slarti:

    “I amend my comment to ask permission to waterboard Karl Rove in order to get him to confess that President Bush is Dick Cheney’s love child and was born in Kenya.”

    na, he looks to much like Niel.

  10. I have met this guy’s type, always think that tearing someone else down or something down makes them look better.

    Apparently they don’t realize what they really look like to other people.
    I would bet that even his “friend” secretly thinks he’s a jerk.

    Hopefully this will be posted where EVERYONE he knows will see it, and he can get the full benefit of the humiliation he so richly deserves.

  11. This guy should be put away for a long time. If he is torturing animals now, is he going to be the next mass murderer in a few years? Disgusting.

  12. i like reading these boards. It’s nice to see peeps who get pissed off in all the right places….:)

    ps; and not that I’m disagreeing mind you but, how come the law can get it right with this perv and not the Karl Roves out there????

  13. The kid needs therapy. Seriously. And some sort of positive parental/adult guidance. Sad that, nowadays, even the obvious needs to be mentioned.

  14. I am glad that YouTube is catching the evidence police need to charge for animal cruelty. Before YouTube, I am sure nearly as many people performed such acts, but were never caught.
    A horrible crime. I seems worse against animals or children, who cannot understand why they are being treated inhumanely, as it would be against adults. As terrible as it is against adults, at least they have coping mechanisms like branding the torturer as a deranged person or trying to mentally escape the pain.

  15. The Federal “Depiction of Animal Cruelty Law” actually makes it a crime to possess a video depicting animal cruelty.

    Which would seem to put everyone who clicked on the YouTube link in something of a legal pickle. Not to mention anyone who’s ever downloaded a PETA documentary.

    Hooray for overbroad feel-good laws!

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  18. I’m sorry but just for all the comments on this you all are pretty lame… Of course your going to say “lucky cops found him first” You wouldn’t of done anything… And just the rest of you…. complete tools… yeah Good for you he can defend himself when he isn’t even on this post. I’m sorry i forgot all you are perfect and have never done anything wrong. Someone makes a stupid decision when he is drunk and got in trouble okay he deserves to get in trouble but all you are just babble mouth fools. “Internet Tough guys” congrats to you all.

  19. Congrats to you too, Defender of Animal Abusers.

    It takes a tough guy themselves to take a principled stand like that.

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