Video: The English at Play

Since there is so much attention being given the Irish today, this video shows the English at play. There is nothing more invigorating than chasing Double Gloucester cheese.

How on Earth did my ancestors lose to these people? Of course, they never thought of tossing a cheese down a hill during the Easter Rising of 1916.

NB: Turleys reportedly fought on both sides of the conflict in Ireland and in the American Revolution. We tended to spread our bets.

31 thoughts on “Video: The English at Play”

  1. Speaking of herding cats for a living:


  2. Elaine M.,

    Giving an Irish one directions is like herding cats for a living.

    I have said this before, if but for the Irish in charge of the south during the civil war, we might have won. I state this after numerous readings of new book and if you will recall Margaret Mitchell aka Peggy Mitchell…..The South was filled with it larger than “fare” share.

  3. ECookie,

    I am crush. I was getting excited about the possibility of a new play toy. Drat, double drat…..

  4. It’s a wonder the Irish Catholics weren’t able to numerically overcome the Protestant English–consideraing the following:


  5. I don’t think this computer actually exists yet, AY. It’s just something to dream about at this point.

  6. ecookie,

    I had clicked on the link and it takes you to a Russian artist. Can you assist in providing more info of how to obtain one?

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