Detention Dentition: Sheriff’s Office Pays $100,000 to Inmate After Deputy Ripped Cemented Grill Out of His Mouth

In Tennessee, Deputy Tanya Mayhew of the Davidson County Sheriff’s office can scratch dentistry off her list of possible moonlighting jobs. Anthony McCoy, 31, will receive $100,000 after Mayhew ripped his gold grill out of his mouth during booking.

McCoy was arrested on the failure to pay child support, harassment and a protection violation. Mayhew told him to remove the gold grill over his teeth but Mayhew insisted that was cemented in place. Mayhew proceeded to reach into his mouth and rip out the grill and stripping away the enamel off his teeth.

While he was spitting blood, deputies told him to get back in line and failed to take steps to attend to his obvious injury, here. The damage to his teeth was $10,000 and he was denied any medical attention beyond Tylenol for ten days.

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12 thoughts on “Detention Dentition: Sheriff’s Office Pays $100,000 to Inmate After Deputy Ripped Cemented Grill Out of His Mouth”

  1. the deputy should be charged with assault. a badge shouldn’t be a get out of jail free card

  2. @IraqVet

    Cops get by with that stuff because people don’t know any better & they think it will NEVER HAPPEN TO THEM.

    The part I don’t get is that they are “hero’s” for doing a job they are paid well to do.
    Like there aren’t 100 people waiting for that job if they don’t want, or are unable, to do it.

    I know they have to interact with some of the stupidest people on the planet, but if they can’t do their jobs without abusing people, then they need to go back to barber school.

  3. I never completely understood why, if a uniformed officer unlawfully assault someone, they get administratively ‘disciplined’ (e.g. three days off without pay), whereas if a mere citizen assaults someone, they answer for their crimes in the criminal justice system (e.g. three years with good behavior).

    The caste-like relationship between police and citizens is becoming far too analogous to that between occupying soldier and conquered populace. The gross disparity between the misconduct consequences meted out to police vs those received by the general population is one symptom. The fact that the term “civilian” has become common police slang for us is another smaller but nonetheless telling symptom.

  4. $100,000 isn’t enough for that outrageous conduct on the part of the deputy and the other officers who failed to come to his aid when he was bleeding.

  5. The deputy obviously overstepped her bounds and should be diciplined for her behavior, but, I can’t help but think that maybe if Mr. McCoy had used the money to pay child support, he wouldn’t have been in jail in the first place.

  6. think SB thinking

    Which, oddly enough, is the exact ingredient missing from this story.

  7. Although when I see an adult wearing such dental “jewelry” I usually just laugh and laugh, what part of “cemented in” didn’t register? Hell, having that gaudy crap semi-permanently attached is a punishment in itself. Cops are a lot like criminals – you don’t have to be smart to be one. You just have to show up.

    And speaking of which, does one have to metal polish their mouth in addition to brushing when wearing such an appliance? I’m think Brasso or Tarn-X tastes really really bad.

  8. Ouch, but I do hear thar is a Dentist in MA that will offer services.

    100K is not enough for the pain that this would have caused me…

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