Wal-Mart Expresses Sympathy For Terminally Ill Worker . . . And Then Fires Him

Walmart worker Joseph Casias, 29, can take heart from the fact that the company is highly “sympathetic” to his struggle with an inoperable brain tumor. The sympathy, however, did not prevent the company from firing him because he used legal medical marijuana to deal with the pain of the tumor.

Casias was fired in November from a Walmart store in Battle Creek, Mich., after marijuana was detected in a routine drug screening. He proceeded to show all of the records that he took the marijuana legally and there was never a complaint about his performance at work. He worked 12-14 hours a day.
Walmart spokesman Greg Rossiter told FoxNews.com “This is just an unfortunate situation all around.” Well a bit more unfortunate for Casias, wouldn’t you say? Rossiter add “We’re sympathetic to Mr. Casias’ condition, but like other companies, we have to consider the overall safety of our customers and associates, including Mr. Casias, when making a difficult decision like this.” So, this is a Walmart version of Reefer Madness.

Once again, I am not sure why Wal-Mart fights these fights (here) and reaffirms the global view of the company as one of the dark forces in the business world.

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  1. Poor people shop at Wal Mart. There’s the reason the left hates it.

    It’s like how the left is always mocking people who live in trailers and mobile homes. I guess they want people to live on the streets so leftists can use them as tools to beat the republicans with.

  2. Yeah,
    it is supposed to be Spring, but after a nice warm week in Northern Illinois, we got 2-3 inches of wet slushy snow overnight and it continues today. Yuk.

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