Florida Man Arrested After Allegedly Breaking Into Home and Demanding Sex for $20

Jose Erebia, 27, has a rather distorted view of the criminal code. Erebia is accused of breaking into a home and demanding that a woman sell him sex for $20.

The woman was house-sitting for her uncle when Erebia allegedly broke in and solicited her. She says that he came into the bedroom and woke her up — throwing a $20 bill on the bed and demanding sex. When she refused and told him to leave, he allegedly said that he would return with a gun and shoot her.

Now here is the added amazing fact: he did come back. Police say that they arrested Erebia who drove by the home while they were filling out the police report. He has been charged with burglary and misdemeanor battery. It appears that this does not constitute solicitation.

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7 thoughts on “Florida Man Arrested After Allegedly Breaking Into Home and Demanding Sex for $20”

  1. for all of yalls information, the tattoo on his chest is his dads name.. i dnt appreciate anyone running there mouths about someone they dont even know, and no im not his girlfriend just a pissed off friend

  2. No Blouise, the next opportunity will be life long so long as they don’t get busted for bending the pages….

  3. Was this to help him remember his name.

    No I will go with who’s your daddy. We know he’s been in and out and in and out of the system. In and out is a great game as long as it’s with the right player. 🙂

  4. I think that she grabbed the money and would not give it back presents a problem for the prosecutor/District Attorney. I presume that she will not be charged with Larceny by Trick…..

    It amazes he that he had a tattoo on his chest that said Joe. Was this to help him remember his name when he was too F-ed up to recall?

    There is a lot missing out of this report and the article.

  5. No mention of whether or not a weapon was found upon his arrest.

    Twenty bucks? Is that the going rate these days. Seems awfully cheap.

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