With Friends Like This: Al Sharpton Insists That the Public Voted for Socialism With the Election of Obama

Al Sharpton is the gift that keep on giving for conservatives. His comment on CNN on socialism is likely to make the top hits for political commercials in the mid-term elections. Sharpton said “The American Public Overwhelmingly Voted for Socialism When They Elected President Obama.”

With lines like this, Sharpton may be the featured speaker at next year’s Tea Party convention.

95 thoughts on “With Friends Like This: Al Sharpton Insists That the Public Voted for Socialism With the Election of Obama”

  1. Prophet AW Wicker:

    We stuck on stupid folks get to walk on water too and raise people from the dead?

    How come I didn’t know about this? I want a refund!

    Riddle me this oh wise one. When did Jesus do all the things you said he did while working via the government?

    Okay, I’m impatient waiting for a reply and will provide the answer.

    He never did any of the things you mentioned in conjunction with the government. He never forced anyone to give of their wealth to help others (because He wasn’t a thief) He provided the blessings you mentioned of his free will and power.

    Hatemongers always mistake Jesus’ love and care for others as state provided theft.

  2. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, fed the hungry, healed the sick, raised the dead, healed the blind, healed the broken hearted,
    and did so many other things that cannot be recorded in the Bible
    and he never asked for a penny. I would imagine you SOS (Stuck on Stupid) people would have called him a Socialist. Parents
    are sharing their wealth everyday with their parents, grandparents, grown children all the time. Are they Socialists?

    President Obama has a compassionate spirit. You are to be glad that he is not selfish, egotistical, stingy and meanspirited like a lot of greedy, selfish, self absorbed, self centered people in this country. One day, everyone will need to have
    someone who cares about them in this life. I hope hatemongers will be able to find someone who cares about them when their time comes. Also, before you call people names,you need to get the understanding of the terminology you use, otherwise you are SOS (Stuck on Stupid).

  3. Tootie:

    “I realize that liberty and the responsibility it entails scares you.”


    Oh, it’s not that liberty and responsibility scare me. It’s just when folks like you try to pervert those ideals into homage to your deity with an eye toward eliminating it, that I get worried. It’s probably misplaced worry, since, baring a mass outbreak of insanity, your folks will have trouble convincing anyone that your way is The Way. Might I also add to your Christian mega-churches ministers: cha ching!

  4. mespo:

    I realize that liberty and the responsibility it entails scares you.

    And as I said elsewhere, a large portion of the human race are natural slaves who demand others make their decisions for them.

    I understand, I really do.

    cha ching, cha ching

  5. “let’s allow the postmen to file my taxes”


    I am all for that, they will probably be cheaper and do a better job than most accountants.

  6. bdaman,

    I know it’s old news. The point was “pick your battles”. Which was a lesson you never learned with your birther nonsense.

  7. Mike A,

    What raff said. A truly Sisyphean effort but well executed and deftly crafted.


    Curiouser and curiouser. And if you’ll excuse me I have six impossible things to believe in before lunch. With Tootie as my inspiration and a cordless drill at my command, I think the first thing will be to think that I am indeed a brain surgeon.

    Tomorrow I’m going to try being a brain sturgeon.

    And that’ll be nice for a change. All the caviar I can make.

  8. Mespo,
    I am pretty late on this thread, but I have to agree with your reponse to Tootie. Just imagine if I could do brain surgery for someone and I didn’t have to be educated in the medical sciences. It sounds like a Texan kind of mentality. (Sorry AY)
    Mike A.,
    How dare you try to use logic and common sense!! Good try!

  9. “Screw it that lawyers think they have the right to deny anyone the right to practice law.

    Free people should be able to decide who they want to represent them in court without permission of the cartel.”


    Viva, la Revolution! I want trash collectors to serve as my surgeons, and window washers as my judges. Let the insane asylums be opened to hear my confession, and let’s allow the postmen to file my taxes. We have no need of education or training, or expertise, because they are the tools of oppression. Let us do whatever we feel we can do that day, and, if another fancy strikes us, rejoice in our flexibility on the ‘morrow. For me, I am off to opine on cosmology with my dear friend the Vicar of Christ. Like him, I can give sincere assurance of my omniscience on things I know absolutely nothing about. Wait! Alice, don’t follow that huge rabbit down that hole.

  10. Mike Appleton,

    Nice writing.

    I already admitted previously that through contract and the legal system we would achieve more justice AND liberty while keeping federal interference at a minimum. Perhaps I said that on another thread. I’d go back and read my posts but then I’d cringe at the grammar errors and typos and I’m in no mood for that.

    Also, I’ve not even begun to talk about the states and their reserved rights. But I never get that far in conversations with leftists. This is because leftists are so darn insane that part of the issue doesn’t get discussed.

    I believe that the states have the authority to run health care systems, but not the feds. I still consider it theft, but at least we can move from state to state when our fellow citizens use bad judgment.

    There is NO Constitutional authority to seize the health care industry and to force me into it for the rest of my life. NONE. I’ve begged and begged several folks to provide me with the exact places and sentences from the Constitution which prove the feds have this power, and so far NO ONE HAS OBLIGED.

    Now, I’m just a rough-around-the-edges former street kid, former hippie, turned fundie Baptist who took 3 decades to get a 2 year college degree at a Podunk community college who has a part-time menial pink collar job, and came from a rough and tumble blue collar union family, and yet how is it that I’m the only one at this distinguished blog even willing to discuss the exact and precise words of the Constitution which could justify the health-care heist?

    I understand that there is power (from the general welfare clause) for the feds to intervene in health matters if (and only if) the federal government would collapse. An example, if there were a widespread outbreak of the bubonic plague or some similar disease that would kill many members of congress, government workers, and the judiciary. The feds would have every constitutional right to intervene in whatever way was necessary to stop the plague. Even so, this would be a temporary federal involvement and not a permanent program requiring participation.

    The fact is Americans live longer than ever and there is no threat to their health such that the federal government would collapse except that the feds have put themselves in economic jeopardy by unconstitutionally inserting itself into the health-care business through Medicare, etc.

    So there is NO general welfare justification for the feds to be involved in health care because if they weren’t involved the federal government would just keep humming along.

    I think that the folks here who are far more educated, far more knowledgeable, and far more experienced than I know that what I say is true and won’t admit it because they have compromised their integrity and accept the corruption and usurpation of the Constitution.

    You think I don’t understand that laws follow problems. I do. At times laws hit the target and at times it doesn’t. That’s not the problem I refer to.

    The problem is now our laws are creating totalitarianism: the complete control over every aspect of our lives.

    It is not possible to rightly reckon that this is what anyone who covets liberty or promotes the Constitution and the ideals of Founders had in mind.

    How have we come to the brink of totalitarianism? One reason is because government took over the job of lawyers.

    I think this probably happened because lawyers created a cartel limiting who may and may not become a lawyer in order to create an artificially low supply of lawyers during a period of time (during the Industrial Revolution) when the demand for lawyers was high.

    The object of this cartel?


    Screw it that lawyers think they have the right to deny anyone the right to practice law.

    Free people should be able to decide who they want to represent them in court without permission of the cartel.

  11. Bdaman:

    Now why didnt they do that with the troops in Iraq? We could have found the bad guys in about 20 minutes. Maybe they did, not that many got taken.

    Rfid tag, good idea now we dont need papers. Big brother is watching on Facebook. Great.

  12. If one wants to be upset at the Federal Government overreaching? Try this on for size: National ID Cards. Hmm? Anyone think this is actually a good idea? How about National Drivers Licenses? A little too draconian for you?

    Well guess what Schummer (D) and Graham (R) are proposing.


    Based on the Patriot Act and the desires of DHS to know where you are at all times.

    There are plenty of reasons to despise Washington. How about you Beck-heads find a real one?

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