A Guy Walks Into a Bar in a Hospital Gown and an IV Needle In His Arm . . .

No, this isn’t a joke. Elbert Lewis Thompson, 20, walked into a Pittsburgh bar and ordered a drink. He stood out in his hospital gown and the IV needle still stuck into his arm.

Thompson was the passenger in a car that was stopped by police. The car contained drugs and the driver Melissa Coleman, 27, was charged with drug and gun possession. Thompson complained of not feeling well and then passed out. Police suspected that he might have swallowed drugs and took him to the hospital. It turns out that Thompson is wanted in Michigan for two armed bank robberies, carrying a concealed gun, probation violations and a federal warrant for flight to avoid apprehension.

Question: What does a guy with an IV in this arm and a hospital gown order at a bar?

Answer: A Bloody Mary

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4 thoughts on “A Guy Walks Into a Bar in a Hospital Gown and an IV Needle In His Arm . . .”

  1. Buddha,
    Why use my budget to prosecute when u can use yours and he’ll be in jail out of jurisdiction and out of my hair? I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a budgetary motive behind it.

  2. AY,

    Well that ought to encourage a nice little crime spree in Oregon. If you’re not going to extradite for rape, why bother having a criminal law system?

  3. This was blamed on Budgetary constraints. The why they did not come and pock him up. He was on Parole for Rape.

    RICHLAND HILLS — A man with a criminal history who was wanted in connection with the sexual assault of two women in Richland Hills is now in custody.

    Lynn Edward Denham, a convicted sex offender in Eugene, Oregon, was arrested late Monday afternoon in Marshall, Texas. He skipped out on his parole in Oregon nine years ago.

    On Christmas Eve last year, Denham was picked up for shoplifting by police in Fort Worth. That’s when police learned that while there was a warrant for his arrest in Oregon, officials in that state had no interest in following up on it.

    “We learned that Oregon would not extradite from here,” said Fort Worth police spokesman Sgt. Chad Mahaffey.

    http://www.wfaa.com /news /local / Richland-Hills-assault-suspect-nabbed-in-East-Texas-88878152. html

  4. I figured he would have ordered a Screwdriver. Oh well so much for southern logic.

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