Wedding Crasher: Russian Roulette At Wedding Ends With Guest Shooting Himself in The Head

What is a Russian wedding without a game of Russian roulette. In the video below, a guest brings a wedding to a close by playing a fake game of Russian roulette with what he thought was an empty gun. It wasn’t . . . as another guest found out.

The second guest succeeded in shooting himself in the head with a rubber bullet. The wedding occurred in Astrakhan, Russia and the friend of the groom had just proposed a toast to the happy couple before pulling out the gun.

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18 thoughts on “Wedding Crasher: Russian Roulette At Wedding Ends With Guest Shooting Himself in The Head”

  1. They weren’t playing Russian Roulette. But if you watch the video the first guy works the slide so it is rather remarkable that he did not chamber the round.

    Those Russians are a wild bunch. And the women, I have met a few, cold as ice. Not a warm and fuzzy people at least from my observations.

  2. File this in “too dumb to live.” As if playing Russian roulette wasn’t bad enough, he’s holding a semi-automatic. You can not play Russian roulette with a semi-automatic pistol!

  3. Canadian,

    In my defense, she was remarkably well behaved until the ring went on. Still, point taken. 😀

  4. BIL….
    Marrying Satan is never a good idea….ever. however most weddings would not require russians games of chance!

  5. What a pair of mental giants! How can the other guests allow these two to play this intelligent “game”? Remind me to stay away from Russian weddings!

  6. Seems to me getting married is a game of Russian Roulette to begin with. Just saying.

  7. Patrick,
    I guess when they decided to mardernize from a revolver to s/a they forgot to take that into account.

  8. It is a hoax or suicide. How do you play Russian Roulette with a semi-auto pistol? Duh, come on.

  9. Russian Roulette.

    At a wedding.

    Pure f-ing genius.

    Although I must confess it would have made my marriage to Satan a lot less painful. Shorter too.

  10. Dredd: What the heck are you taking about? Why are you grinding your ax here with that story about ACORN?

  11. WOW, so I guess the other guy was in second place. Hmm, makes you think he was a First Place Loser.

  12. You know how people say if you have rain on your wedding day, it is good luck?

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