Repo This: Mother Arrested After Throwing Baby Threw Car Window

Dallas mother Krystal Gardner, 28, had a novel way to prevent the repo man from taking her 2001 Ford Expedition — she threw her 1-year-old child through the window of the vehicle to prevent it from being taken.

Gardner was apparently aware that state law prevents the repossession of a vehicle with a child inside. She succeeded. The repo man stopped and she is now charged with aggravated assault, endangering a child, and several outstanding traffic warrants.

Also arrested was Jessie Reyna, a 15-year-old boy armed who came out of the house waving a 12-gauge shotgun and shot the repo man Luke Ross in the leg (after firing once in the air). Ross later returned and repossessed the vehicle.

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27 thoughts on “Repo This: Mother Arrested After Throwing Baby Threw Car Window”

  1. The headline about the young mother has a misspelling of the word through as threw. Arrested for THROWING (verb, action) the baby THROUGH (PREPOSITION), not THREW (verb, past tense of Throw) is incorrect usage. FYI.

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