Accused Child Molester: Five-Year-Old Girl Was The “Aggressor”

Michael McLachlan, 34, in Summerfield, Florida has a curious defense to child molestation: the five-year-old girl was the “aggressor.”

McLachlan was reportedly discovered by the girl’s mother in her room adjusting his pants. When police arrived, they found him trying to start his truck. He was also found with a crowbar.

McLachlan denied molesting the girl on that occasion but said that he did have a sexual encounter with her earlier in the week but that she came on to him.

The mother said that McLachlan was visibly jealous when the little girl was kissing “her new boyfriend.”

Suffice it to say, this is a defense that is guaranteed to secure a rapid conviction and maximum sentence for McLachlan.

Notably, the Department of Children and Families removed the child and three other children from the home.

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23 thoughts on “Accused Child Molester: Five-Year-Old Girl Was The “Aggressor””

  1. Leah, you’re absolutely right. Thank you for correcting me. Sometimes I guess I’m guilty of not paying attention before I open my mouth LOL. this story makes me sick everytime I read it. 🙁

  2. vlf2212 seems to be “out of pocket” this morning. Is it a coincidence?

  3. Stacey –

    “The mother said that McLachlan was visibly jealous when the littler girl was kissing ‘her new boyfriend.’ ”

    That statement appears to refer to the child kissing her mother’s new boyfriend, not that the child was smooching her own (the 5 year-old’s) new boyfriend. And the word “littler” is probably a typo since it does not appear in the original article….which is linked above.

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