Iran Hangs 17 People and Amputates Hand and Leg of Robber

Iran continued to put its brutal Sharia-based legal system on display this week. It hanged 17 people and amputated the hand and leg of a robber.

It is common to see amputations in Sharia systems in Saudi Arabia and other countries. It is not as common to hear of a leg being amputated as opposed to a hand. However, we have seen the amputation of the left leg in other Sharia punishments, here. In this case, the man was given the double amputation while his accomplice was hanged in the southwest city of Mahsharhr.

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10 thoughts on “Iran Hangs 17 People and Amputates Hand and Leg of Robber”

  1. We have provoked Iran for over fifty years. Right wingers pick up the story at Jimmy Carter, pretending that there was no history before him.

    Ron Paul repeatedly tried to bring up our meddling in Iran’s affairs during the presidential but the war-mongers in the GOP refused to listen. Maybe Dr. Paul’s recent Rasmussen stats will open up their clogged ears and brains.

    If Ahmadinejad were suicidal (and it would be suicidal for him to destroy Israel as we would destroy Iran) he would not have a security detail to protect his life.

    The fact is that he is not suicidal and won’t destroy Iran to get to get Israel, because he likes his sorry life. There are too many Jews left esle where in the world for such a scheme to work anyway.

    Iran will have nukes like the Soviets did and Russia does. That is just something we have to live with and it will hopefully provoke those slackers in Europe to put up their own defense systems. We need to upgrade all our weapons systems including the nukes.

    To be done at a later date, no doubt, after the loon is out of office.

  2. Why does Iran have a government that encourages such atrocities? Is it lack of US involvement? Hardly.

    US meddling in Iran since the 1950’s has led directly to the situation we have today. A history of US-Iranian relations in three minutes:


  3. I hope Prof. Turley covers US executions as enthusiastically as those of official US state enemies in the future. Admittedly, Iran’s actions are horrible. But we must remember that US state governments regularly execute people. And, occasionally, the federal government flies halfway around the world to do so: We’re not so righteous.

  4. I suppose he could always get a job at IHOP. But with only one hand I suppose it might make it difficult and be “I Flop at IHOP.”

  5. The underlying motive is gain authority over the population by spreading fear.

    Although body parts remain largely intact in the United States (setting aside mutilation by circumcision protected by government), the reality is that the use of fear is on the rise here as well. Para-militarized police forces. Torture by taser. Next-generation weapons to blind and burn. Daily acts of unpunished brutality by agents of the state. Disarmed civilians. Audits and government harassment of political enemies. Overcharged prosecutions.

    And that is to say nothing of the growing claims of the government’s ability to indefinitely detain or assassinate US citizens that it declares an enemy.

    Iran has problems. So do we, even if ours appear less “barbaric” on the surface.

  6. Remind me to stay out of Iran. This is an example of what happens when religions get mixed up in governing a country. Maybe some of our religious right fanatics should think twice before they try to get religion into our government.

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