Massa Wrote $40,000 Check to Aide Day Before Resignation

Former New York Rep. Eric Massa wrote a $40,000 check to his chief of staff Joe Racalto — the day before his resignation. Racalto has accused Massa of sexual harassment.

Massa gave Racalto the money as a “campaign management fee” for work done on his 2010 campaign and his transition after his 2008 win.

The Washington Post also reports that Massa drew attention to himself when he tried to pick up a young bartender at the funeral of a Marine killed in Afghanistan.

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6 thoughts on “Massa Wrote $40,000 Check to Aide Day Before Resignation”

  1. This story just got stranger and weirder.

    First there was a check for 40K.

    Now there is a claim that it was forged!

    “Ex-Official Says Raise Was Forged
    “Published: April 17, 2010

    “WASHINGTON (AP) — Former congressman Eric Massa said Saturday that someone forged a $40,000 salary increase for his chief of staff, who has accused Mr. Massa of sexual harassment.

    “Mr. Massa, a New York Democrat, also denied authorizing a check from a campaign account in the same amount to the same official, Joe Racalto, according to a statement released by Mr. Massa’s lawyer. Mr. Racalto’s lawyer denied the accusations and said the transactions were done at Mr. Massa’s direction.”

  2. Guess that gives new meaning to “Shiver me Timber” and “Blow the men down.” Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum after I finish mine you’ll be done….

  3. Did Massa get a release from the dude?

    The Navy is very embarrassed by this guy. People who work for the Navy have been ordered to answer no questions from the press or public about this guy. All inquiries must be directed to the Navy’s PR department. Don’t ask, don’t tell? Under the current policy, if what I hear about “snorkeling” is right, this guy should have gotten the boot a long time ago.

  4. I have to hit and run this saturday morning but I have to share this.

    can’t make this stuff up‏:

    “Bell was in no position to defend herself, being that both hands and both legs were amputated due to a childhood illness. But Smith says don’t let that fool you–Bell is like a handless, legless Ultimate Fighter.

    “She’ll swing, push me down and choke me with her nubs,” Smith told the Pioneer Press.”

  5. Wasn’t Massa i the Navy? Maybe he got the marketing campaign of the Marines’ and Navy mixed up. The Marine’s are “Looking for a Few Good Men” and the Navy is Looking for the Right Seaman.

  6. [youtube=]

    Insert “guy” for “gal” in the appropriate lyrical spots and you got you a new campaign theme there, Eric.

    Or perhaps the O’Jays said it better . . .


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