Video: White House Pushes Media Out of Lafayette Park

This is a very disturbing video. A small number of veterans chain themselves to the White House fence. Reporters are eager to take pictures — even from across the street — and to shout questions on their protest of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Instead, the White House orders media pushed entirely out of the Lafayette Park.

Other footage of the incident shows the White House examining the veterans to confirm that they are not armed. They movement of reporters across the street is certainly understandable. However, the image left by the White House is that of police keeping dozens of reporters from speaking to the protesters or filming the scene.

It is likely a case of standard operating procedures without any element of discretion or logic being used by the White House. There should be some reasonable judgment exercised before effectively blacking out media coverage. What we are left with the impression of a “Don’t See, Don’t Film” policy.

16 thoughts on “Video: White House Pushes Media Out of Lafayette Park”

  1. Dear Tootie,
    Where was I?

    Where were YOU three. four, six, eight years ago?

    … But elect a Black man from the Democratic Party to be the President of the USA and suddenly YOU have issues.


  2. Really, you are concerned because a father ditched reporters to see his daughter play a soccer game?


  3. What a breath of fresh air to actually agree with most of the comments here. As a lesbian, I am constantly frustrated by examples of discrimination I encounter on a regular basis. I was once even handed my credit card back and denied lodging in New Mexico last summer after I expressed a preference for one king (My girlfriend was with me). I know you guys think I’m some sort of crazy tea-bagger, but I honestly believe that every individual deserves respect and dignity. Kicking decorated service members out of the military for who they are and what they do on their own time, is an affront to human dignity.
    What makes it even worse is that Obama keeps throwing us “bones” (hospital visiting rights, limited Federal benefits for partners) instead of doing what is completely within his power such as ending the discriminatory don’t ask, don’t tell policy or ordering the justice dept. to NOT compare homosexual marriages, to bestial or pedophiliac marriages. I love that you guys are also disturbed by the way these protesters were treated-unprecedented and unacceptable.
    Maybe there is some hope for the Democratic Party in you guys—I never minded the liberal 1st and 4th amendments lions– created good balance in my opinion. Sadly, the party has been taken over by SOcialist Facists.

  4. Well….What can I say …” What the hell is going on “…this is like teabagger gold dust….I guess call me stunned

  5. From what I saw in the video, it wasn’t the case that “the media” alone were pushed back, but that everyone was being cleared away from the White House at that time.

    That being the case, it is still a problem if everyone (in order to include “the media”) was pushed back to prevent communication with/coverage of these protesters. I’m guessing here, that this was some sort of “security procedure” while the protesters’ chains (or whatever) were cut off the fence and they were taken into custody.

    If this was a move to prevent communication with/coverage of the protesters, then it is not acceptable. That said, it is amazing that we can all walk up to that fence. It is about 318′ (just less than 100m) from the facade of the White House. I’m sure that for decades there has been pressure from the Secret Service and others to push the security cordon out much further.

  6. Tootie,
    “This is what becomes of people without a moral compass”

    IMO They cling to their guns, religion and racism as governing principles:

    They become the wholly owned subsidiary of the people at the top that think privacy, free speech and due process are quaint notions irrelevant to a post 9-11 America. Obama is not instituting new forms of repression, his administration is just continuing the programs and policies put into effect by Bush.

  7. The WH can’t stand up to republicans or blue-dogs or health insurance companies or torturers or big banks, but … they can sure stand up to reporters and photographers.

    Real tough guys!

  8. The time I lived in the DC, tailend of Bush 41, area there were protests at the WH all the time and the park was never closed.

  9. Is there any doubt that these people are mad-as-hatters and out of control?

    Has anyone been over to Huffington Post lately? It is a full-blown totalitarian communist cell.

    Top Democratic Party officials write for it. Atlas Shrugs.

    Is totalitarianism this fashionable among the left and the elites?

    Correct my if I’m wrong, but the only people fighting against the police-state are Libertarians. And the Tea Party people are finally waking up to fight against it.

    But the left is totally out to lunch.

    This is what becomes of people without a moral compass.

  10. Reminds me of the previous administration’s ‘free speech’ zones … fenced in and miles away …

  11. the media are gutless for not putting up more resistance to police. Oh, I forgot. this is the same media which helped to get this administration elected.they gave up their objectivity and free press rights to question the government without fear of retribution a long time ago. Mark this date as the day the first amendment went through the shredder.

  12. So I’m really really confused now. It’s free speech to film the crushing and killing of innocent animals but the right to assemble and protest (or walk in the park with a camera) is verboten?

    well, nearer mine Führer to thee…..

  13. Ahh-h-h-

    Truly, the Most Open Administration Evah!!

    Nothing to see here, just your standard, usual Gummint controlling of the dialogue in all respects, move along, move along…

    One must ALWAYS assume, of course, that those who would mount any sort of protest at the Temple Of The Won are armed and dangerous – and, besides, these are VETERANS, and well all KNOW how violent THEY are…

  14. There is a town in North Ontario… nope wrong song. Helpless, helpless, helpless…no I am thinking of another song….Oh yeah, Ohio.. 4 Dead and Nixon’s coming…..How many more…..

    Tienanmen Square anyone, Red Square?

    Will the white rabbit really get 10 feet tall? I don’t know go ask Alice…..

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