The Politics of Hate

This video of a person named William Gheen shows more than any other how this country is descending into bigoted and shrill demagoguery. Gheen not only accuses Sen. Lindsey Graham of being gay but suggests that he is being blackmailed by mysterious forces in Washington.

Of course, Gheen insists that he is a tolerant man and couldn’t care less about Graham’s lifestyle. This appears to have occurred at a Tea Party rally.

Putting aside the sheer lunacy revealed in this conspiracy theory, the level of hate and bigotry in our country appears to have found new voices in our broken political system.

20 thoughts on “The Politics of Hate”

  1. I like biker bars … and bird watching. Beer halls … too much bad singing.

  2. Gyges,

    It’s not the beer halls proper that are intrinsically evil, but merely a reflection of the fact that the inebriated are more susceptible to manipulation. Why some of my best friends have been beer halls I tell you. And other than the occasional sticky floor, I’ve found many of them to be quality establishments. Some of them with much more character than their owners let alone patrons. The customers on the other hand? That can truly be a mixed bag.

  3. Buddha,

    I’m sick of this demonizing of beer halls. What’s next blaming marble buildings with steps in front of them for failed boxers?

  4. Did someone say beer hall?

    There is the strangest echo in here.

    What is the lesson of history repeating but the echo of unlearned lessons?

  5. CEJ: I’m considering your seemingly hate-filled post and your fear-mongering rant about this man, and I wonder why you support genocide, or the euphemism they use for it: amnesty.


  6. This hate filled, fear monger is head of the conservative, anti-amnesty Americans for Legal Immigration PAC; William Gheen and ALIPAC have endorsed Hayworth in Arizona over McCain; hence the attack. “Former” ALIPAC partner Lou Dobbs has called for Gheen to resign; and McCain has called for Hayworth to condemn these remarks, which Hayworth has not done.

    On the tape as he is condemning Immigration Reform he says “I read most of the plan…” typical, he’s the authority, who can’t even be bothered to read to completion, so of course he now has his cop out when questioned on anything.

    This speech was so crazy he should now be political napalm.

    Let’s see who next gives him another platform and a microphone.

  7. Lindsay Graham is a scumbag, but these Tea Baggers make him look like a saint. The worst part of the Tea baggers is that the media just loves to point their cameras at the small gatherings of idiots.

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  10. mespo,


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  11. I think we make an error by tacking on the words “Politics of …,” on every manner of human interaction. It somehow elevates human baseness to an interplay between rational men. In this case, it isn’t. Politics may be a clash of interests fought without resort to the Marquis de Queensbury rules, but is every dispute worthy of respect? Aren’t these words contemptible and illustrative of irrationality and rank emotion.

  12. “Gheen not only accuses Sen. Lindsey Graham of being gay but suggests that he is being blackmailed by mysterious forces in Washington.”

    I’m sure it’s never happened in Washington before. Everything is always done on the up and up in our nation’s capital. This guy MUST be crazy.

    Just ask Goldman Sachs. 😉

  13. “You are not the Government, the Constitution is the Government.”

    Now that’s comedy! Or a fundamental misunderstanding of both the American system of government and the English language.

  14. Once again, one of the beauties of free speech is knowing who the crazies are AND who listens to them!

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