14 thoughts on “Shock Video: Homeless Man Reportedly Left To Die on Sidewalk After Rescuing Woman”

  1. Just watched a psychiatrist comment on this story. He says that all the televised (+video games and song lyrics etc.) violence avail here has reached such proportion that people have become seriously desensitized to it. That some may not even be able to discern between what is real and what is not. That it has begun to create physical brain changes….so I guess we can look forward to more of this sort of thing.

    I wouldn’t get too angry at the women yet…from this vid who knows what happened….she probably ran away and didn’t even know he’d been hurt.

  2. i am angry that this woman left this gentlemen to die after helping her, how dare you be so dam evil. when the police viewed the video they should have put every person in jail for one day that stopped and watched this gentleman die and did nothing, how hard is it to dial 911!!!!!!! TO THE LADY SEEN IN THE VIDEO(BRING YOUR ASS FORWARD AND HELP SOLVE THIS CASE).

  3. A sign of the selfishness prevalent in today’s society – “It’s all about me; what’s in it for me; and screw you” mindset a lot of people have these days.

  4. @ Byron: That was my first thought too! The woman, whose life this guy possibly saved, couldn’t be bothered to help the person who helped her? What’s wrong with people? If she’s ever identified I hope she’s publicly shamed for not doing something to help this man.

  5. This video is an example of the “I don’t want to get invloved” society that we are living in. It is one thing to not try to stop someone with a weapon, but not even calling the police or a paramedic is criminal.

  6. why didnt the woman call the police?
    that was terrible, what is wrong with people? Wasnt there a story similar to this in the 60’s in New York, a woman was being raped and people heard her screams but didnt want to get involved.

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