15 thoughts on “Yield to Santas?”

  1. Oh, saying Santa is imaginary will not make it so.

  2. carol: “That video‚Ķdid the hunter get up and shoot the guy who taped the attack instead of helping?”

    Hehehe, If I just got my clock cleaned be a critter that I had out-gunned I’d be inclined to shoot the person recording it for posterity but somehow, I just don’t think that (literally) downtrodden hunter had the presence of mind to left to do that;-)

  3. oops…How did that happen (sorry)? I had no idea the You Tube screen would show up.

  4. Buddha,

    Oh, that’s good suggestion, and why not?

    We could also use an atheist sign at international airport terminals leading to Europe or China. It would have a pile of dead bodies painted on it and the number 100 million plus written under it with the classic red circle/slash over it.

  5. Tootie,

    1) Some think Santa is an elf too. But if one is going to post signs to warn of imaginary beings, how about an “Invisible Sky God” crossing sign instead. He/She/It is far more dangerous than a generous fat man who makes toys for girls and boys.

    2) Hobbits? Burgling?

    That’s imaginary racial profiling.

    Just because Bilbo was a thief doesn’t mean that all hobbits are thieves. Unlike those rambunctious Bagginses and the unfortunately evil Gollum, most hobbits live a quiet agrarian existence and are quite happy to be homebodies instead of thieves or adventurers. And before you say “Smeagol”, he was a killer first and a thief second. Prioritize the severity of the imaginary crimes.

  6. That video…did the hunter get up and shoot the guy who taped the attack instead of helping?

  7. Perhaps it is an Elf crossing?

    Do Hobbits wear pointy hats? The creature looks to be burgling.

  8. I actually drove past that sign once.

    It has been taken down now. I think they realized that it could take away attention from the road.

  9. “North Pole justice” can be harsh too!


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