Why Funches Throws Punches: Women Attack Man for Failing to Hold Elevator Door

Waltia Funches, 28, and Kenyana McQuay, 27, have a curious way to showing a man how to treat a lady. After a man failed to hold an elevator door for them, the two women proceeded to dump pasta on him, kick him, and beat him with their handbags.

Mohammed Warsame said that he threw water bottles at them to try to fend them off during the attack.

The women have been charged with assault and battery charges.

For the story, click here and here.

17 thoughts on “Why Funches Throws Punches: Women Attack Man for Failing to Hold Elevator Door”

  1. CE,

    They dealt with the Anger its the next rage that needs to be dealt with.

  2. eniobob:

    they just no better than to mess with an irate woman.
    I think that guy needs boxing lessons.

  3. I just keep waiting to hear that music they play at the circus. This story if full of clowns.

  4. rcampbell:

    how do you know it is not the secular progressive indoctrination they recieve in public schools? 🙂

  5. My guess is that the “assailants” were inside the elevator holding pasta, etc. perhaps for an office party. Lady #3 may or may have been part of the party group, but was trying to reach the elevator. neither lady inside could hit the open door button and the cretin chose not to.

    I applaud these women. I’m appalled by the lack of courtesy we extend to one another. On the one hand it appears to be yet another sleight to the barely breathing seemingly ancient concept of chivalry. On the other, it would have been just as rude of the guy in the elevator to ignore a male trying to catch that elevator.

    I’d like to think it’s just someone being impolite. However, I believe it’s more insidious. I see it as further evidence of the erosion of American society due to the damage done by 30 years of conservative indoctrination of self-importance. It’s all about ME, nothing about WE and certainly not YOU. It’s “I’ve got my elevator, you can get your own but I’ll do nothing to help you. You’re on your own”.

  6. I suspect the two women had to use the plate of pasta to get the elevator doors to stop closing, which explains the noodles on his shirt.

    Then, spying the gentleman’s name (Mohammed) emblazoned on the front of his shirt, suspected he was a terrorist up to no good (which was why he was letting the door close – to get away).

    Had they not acted in such a rapid and courageous manner, who knows what could have happened? The “teach him a lesson” excuse was, no doubt, just a cover story. I think their supposed arrest should be further investigated. It may turn out they were DOHS agents, after all, and were quietly let go.

  7. Good point, Gret. I pondered that one myself. Or possibly they waited and watched the elevator lights and where it stopped on a floor, and then they scurried up the stairs, pasta in hand, and dished it out on him when they found him, shambling along slowly toward his abode.

    And if they were fast enough to catch the elevator doors before they closed, then why are they complaining (or attacking with pasta)?

    If I enjoyed a pasta dish enough to take the rest to go, I’m certainly not going to throw it away on an Elevator-Nazi.

    It’s an odd story.

    I’ll be up all night with this one …

  8. One curious question — if the man didn’t hold the elevator door open, how did they find him to kick him and dump the pasta over him? Did they make a made dash to the elevator as the doors were closing (along with their plate of pasta)? Perchance there is more than meets the eye (or feet) to this story.

  9. Well, that wasn’t very lady-like.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned … or denied access to an elevator.

  10. Perhaps these ladies need to look into a good anger management program!

  11. Funny stuff 🙂

    They told officers he “didn’t hold the elevator door open as they walked into the building” so “they had to use their fists, their bags and their feet to teach him a lesson”

    Maybe it’s a new movie, Gynophobia: ‘The office day from hell’…

  12. Good for these women, men out to start holding doors for women again and holding chairs and rising when they come into the room and generally behaving in a civilized manor when in their presence and if they don’t, then beat the hell out of them. Works for me.

  13. /Snark on
    See what happens when you allow them to act all uppity? They come to expect to be treated better then men! It was so much better when they were all pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen.
    /snark off

    You know that there are some morons someplace right now (probably holding a sign demanding to see Obama’s birth certificate) who is actually thinking that.

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