20 thoughts on “Finally, Some Clarity in the War on Terror . . .”

  1. i have followed your legal reasoning for years. i respect and commend you for your honesty and greatly appreciate your attempts to educate an uneducated public.

  2. The diagram is missing the most important bits.
    Missing are the money flows of military corporation hits.

    The US war tax of a billion dollars a day must go somewhere.
    None of it is given to the people of Afghanistan, thats too unfair

    Some of the money flows into highly paid security guys.
    Some of the money flows into corporate pimps that do supplies.

    There are lots of high tech helicopters, bombs, missiles and drones
    Plus the entire US government congress, their best friends and crones.

    Keeping the Home and Puppet governments rolling in cash is not cheap.
    And the entire occupation of Iraq is still in feaces deep.

    The oil deals in Iraq are not going too well,
    Means another few decades the soldiers will have to dwell.

    The wars are measured by the flow of resources.
    Money goes in, blood flows out, oil comes up the spout.

    If the US government is really going for war broke,
    It must be they like seeing their money blown up in people smoke.

    A hungry beast that has the grossest of appetites for oil
    At the very least is a terror, says feed me, or your nation despoil.

    Saturate the soil with radioactive dust, and punish the people forthwith.
    Dismantle their nation, so there is no centre left to make peace with.

  3. Ok, and the Flight Plan is as follows. Please still back and enjoy the trip.

  4. This clears up the confusion that surfaced a few days ago indicating that some of the top generals in the US Military indicated that they thought “Power Point makes us stupid”…

    Can’t imagine how they would get that impression….

  5. Makes Glenn Beck’s chalk board seem just a little less crazy. Or maybe not.

  6. I liked it better when generals played with little toy soldiers and tanks on a big table.

  7. I’m grateful that someone has come up with a handy poster. I’m tired of trying to explain all that stuff to the unwashed.

  8. Not far off from the look of my Torts outline, really. Just the perils of trying to fit too much information into one image.

  9. Ms. EM wrote,

    “OOOPPPS! I didn’t read your comment before I posted mine…”

    Nothing unusual there, no one else does either.

    However, I am a bit concerned for you given that you and I both posted about ‘Suzy Snowflake’ at virtually the same time last christmas and now you are thinking like me once again…

  10. Elaine,

    I’m thinking Chef Boyardee by the quality of the cuisine.

  11. From linked article: ‘When we understand that slide, we’ll have won the war,’ General Stanley McChrystal, the US and NATO force commander, remarked wryly when confronted by the sprawling spaghetti diagram in a briefing.

    The problem is no one had that diagram before we expanded the war to Afghanistan or invaded Iraq.

    When I was doing a lot of around-the-house and garden building projects my method started with an assessment of the plans. When I ran across a plan that made me say to myself ‘If it’s that freaking complicated I don’t have any business messing with it’ I’d just pass up that project. I’m thinking we need to start hiring politicians and commissioning military leaders with at least as much common sense as an enthusiastic DYIer if we want to stay out of trouble in the future.

  12. The Industrial Military Complex’s ‘Who’s On First?’ clear explanation of Bush’s Glowbill ($$) War on Terrir.

    This is an example of an old, original oxymoron ‘Military Intelligence’—and a real contradiction in terms.

  13. Thank God it is color coded. Otherwise, it would have been very confusing.

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