Florida Police Defend Decision to Jail Grandmother Who Slapped Granddaughter For Telling Her To F*** Off

Theresa Collier, 73, is a grandmother in Largo, Florida who was arrested after she slapped her granddaughter for swearing at her. Felicia Collier, 18, repeatedly told her grandmother to f*** off and then called the police when the grandmother slapped.

Collier invited her granddaughter to come to her house to work on her computer. The teen is finishing her final year at home after being kicked out of Catholic school in Massachusetts. You guessed it: she told a nun to f*** off.

What is particularly odd is that, when the police proceeded to immediately arrest the grandmother, Felicia tried to convince them not to arrest her and explained that it was not necessary. It didn’t do much good. The grandmother spent the next 24 hours in jail.

Lt. Mike Loux insists that the grandmother deserved to be behind bars because the granddaughter recently turned 18: “I understand the difference between corporal punishment on a child, disciplining your child for using poor language, this is an 18-year-old child.” If he wants this to be the department’s defense, he might want to drop the “child” part since he is presumably basing the arrest on the notion that she is an adult. He insisted that this is simply a case of “domestic battery” and “our policy is a mandatory arrest of that person.”

Apparently, his officers are not allowed to exercise any common sense or judgment.

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  1. Jesus Christ said in Matthew 15, murder originates within the hearts of men, as well as cruelty, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, and slander. A fact clearly seen in the sharp increase of national moral degradation that has manifested itself since 1963, when the tyrannical Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court declared the Holy Bible unconstitutional, after being America’s main teaching manual for over two hundred and fifty years, and in violations of the First Commandment of God which commands all people everywhere, “You shall have no other gods before me.”

    In essence, the Justices deprived generations of Americans from accessing the wisdom found written in the pages of the Holy Bible, which are God-breathed, and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, and replaced them with the scourges of the Theory of Evolution or Science Fiction, Sex Education or Sex Perversion, and the inclusion of the homosexual agenda, which usurps parental rights in supports of the homosexual lifestyle that trivializes and encourages the practices of sodomy, and fornication, while the Christian Leadership remains gagged to this very day, under the authority of the Internal Revenue Service 501c3 Tax-Exempt Code, which prohibit churches from drafting legislation, and endorse political candidates, and Christians love it this way, since they can recover their donations to the church by filing their annual Income Tax Return. They give to God with one hand and they take it back with the other hand, that’s hypocrisy at its best.

    The father of modern revivalism Charles G. Finney has very aptly observed: “If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discernment, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the world loses its interest in Christianity, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it.”

  2. ‘Somehow, we need to reverse this trend of criminalizing all human behavior. Most reasonable people understand what real domestic battery entails and this act did not fit in that category.’

    Thank you. I have actually given a slap…1 time in my entire life to a family member and you can bet it was deserved….and part of a larger message.

    I paid a high guilt price for that incident but I would not change it. If these zombies had been involved I probably would have spent a night in jail too….
    ps. the recipient is now a very productive member of society despite the fact that she supports Sarah Palin…

  3. “Either our country’s morals are going to heck or we’re getting too many stupid people being born…not sure which it is…LoL”

    John hunny, where have you been?

  4. “And to think, they’ll be running the world one of these days.”

    Or not.

    Too busy texting.

  5. Well….. since the young lady is 18 and an “adult” how about the “Little Thing” pack her ditty bag and get out of Grandma’s house? Entititlement…. everyone is entitled to something for nothing. Gimmee,Gimmee. I feel sorry for Grandma, she didn’t deserve this. Young people like this make it difficult to have any faith in their generation. And to think, they’ll be running the world one of these days.

  6. Byron.

    Here is more evidence of anti-Negro bias in the law that would not fit in the previous post.

    It is also a good idea to peruse the archives of Alan Bean’s Friends of Justice website. Friends of justice was started in response to the Tulia affair and provides analyses of many similar instances of biased law, some of which are still in process.

    Also some very few writers are now saying explicitly that the Drug Laws are a counter attack on the civil rights movement and comparing them with Jim Crow.

  7. Byron.


    Are you sure elected officials are targeting blacks and Hispanics on purpose?”


    Yes I am sure of this. I recommend that you read this recent Alternet Article on how the support for extreme legal punitiveness is associated with racial animus.

    I also recommend that you read Nate Blakeslee’s book “Race, Cocaine, and Corruption in a Small Texas Town”. It shows how the justice system at every level is corrupted by the malevolent sterotypes that respectable whites have towards blacks that makes it impossible for this system to find them not guilty just because the crime did not happen.

    As I have more than the allowed 2 links, the excess are in a following post.

  8. Out of the Article: “Felicia is finishing her senior year online after getting kicked out of Catholic school in Massachusetts, Collier explained.”

    It all makes sense to me. I am sure this child of god is such a delight and thats why she decided to winter with her grandparents.

  9. Thanks Buddah.

    Yes it has four hyperlinks. I will have to break it it two.

  10. Professor Turley.

    What have I done wrong to get my previous post stuck in the moderation queue?

  11. OK I’ll bite.

    In that case grandaughter would have deserved several slaps. From granny for winding her up so much that she has to tell the lass to fuck off and from her parents for not respecting granny.

    That’s the way I learnt respect for my elders until I was intelligent enough to work it out why I should respect them.

    This girl is obviously a slow learner.

  12. To those defending grandma’s behaviour, reverse the situation. If grandma had told grand-daughter to “F” off and had prompted a slap to the face I suspect that the general consensus would have been that the grand-daughter deserved assault charges, and at minimum, a night in jail.
    I completely agree with those of you who stated that you would never have used that type of language towards a grandparent. I wouldn’t have either, but not for fear of having ” the teeth slapped from my face ” but rather out of respect. Nor would I have ever expected any of my grandparents to speak to me in that manner….again out of respect.

  13. Somehow, we need to reverse this trend of criminalizing all human behavior. Most reasonable people understand what real domestic battery entails and this act did not fit in that category.

  14. Mandatory arrests came for two reasons.

    Women who were victims of domestic violence were so terrorized by the abuser that they feared the consequences of agreeing to the arrest. Taking the decision out of the hands of the victim acted as a protection for the victim.

    Police officers too frequently decided that domestics didn’t really count as criminal, and that having the abuser calm down was enough to protect the victim. Keeping the family together, in that quaint parlance, effectively kept the abuser and the victim together, and made clear to the victim that she had no recourse.

    You’ll pardon me if would prefer to err on the side of the victim, not the abuser. A person who slaps another person has committed a crime.

  15. Byron,

    Learn to differentiate between bad law and no law. You are still confused. And you can’t dance away from your desire ignore what I just said about various industrial sectors, current levels of regulation and profitability. Well, you can, but it’s obviously dancing.

    As to the cocaine/crack post, that wasn’t directed at you, merely offered as a supporting example to to CM’s posts.

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