Living Art: Texas Man Arrested After Parading Naked Above Billboard

James Apple, 24, has a different idea of how to expose himself to art. The Fort Worth man climbed up a billboard for the Museum of Living Art and walked around naked — slowing traffic for nearly five hours.

After hours of trying to coax Apple off the billboard, the police came up with the brilliant idea of telling him that they expected rain. He then came down and was put under psychiatric observation.

It would seem that the living display worked on many levels or sides. The other side had a “We Buy Ugly Houses” advertisement.

To their credit, the police showed admirable restraint in not doing a William Tell with Mr. Apple. In New York, they appear to taser naked man on ledges, here.

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7 thoughts on “Living Art: Texas Man Arrested After Parading Naked Above Billboard”

  1. Elaine M.,

    Thank you. Hmmm, not that I can recall. I do remember, nah that wasn’t me.

  2. AY–

    It’s good to have you back commenting at the Turley blawg again.

    Where you bin…walking around on billboards in the buff?

  3. You just got to love it. Texas and all. Prof, I disagree, I am sure if the officers would have been smart enough to have thunk that one out they would have wet him and then tasered em.

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    Former President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura W. Bush announced November 12, 2009, that education, global health, human freedom and economic growth will be the major initial areas of focus for the George W. Bush Institute during speeches at SMU.

    Some stiff you just can’t make up…….

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