The Fastest Gun Alive?

Ok, I admit that I am a fan of really bad Westerns, so this video of Bob Munden — perhaps the fastest draw in the World — seemed worth sharing.

In The Fastest Gun Alive Glenn Ford’s character insists that you need six hours a day to be the fastest draw alive. Watching his guy, I tend to agree.

7 thoughts on “The Fastest Gun Alive?”

  1. I highly, highly, highly recommend Rustlers’ Rhapsody … 1985 … directed by Hugh Wilson … starring Tom Berenger, GW Bailey, Marilu Henner, Andy Griffith, Fernando Rey, Patrick Wayne, and Sela Ward … and the horse, Wildfire.

    Famous quote:

    Rex O’Herlihan: You’re not a good guy at all!

    Bob Barber: I’m a lawyer, you idiot!

  2. Actually, Bob Munden is playing fast with the facts. Wild Bill Hickok did have a face off:

    On July 21, 1865, in the town square of Springfield, Missouri, Hickok killed Davis Tutt, Jr. in a “quick draw” duel.

  3. The quick draw stuff is great, but I have to admit that Jerry Miculek impresses me more. In this video, he sets three speed shooting records, with a double action revolver no less. The third is especially ridiculous — don’t blink or you’ll miss when he reloads the gun.

  4. Barney is a great one with his one bullet in his pocket. I just saw the moveie Prof. Turley referenced with Glenn Ford. It was a good message movie, which was unusual for Westerns.

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