Specter Twice Thanks His Fellow Republicans At Major Democratic Dinner

Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) has been struggling to convince Democrats that he is now one of them after switching parties with the shifting polls in his state. He did not help himself at a major dinner this week by twice thanking the Allegheny County Republicans. The problem is that he is not only running as a Democrat but the event was put on by the Allegheny County Democratic Committee as its annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.

On a prior occasion, Specter referred to a college Democratic group as “College Republican,” here.

President Obama is pushing for Specter to win the primary but Democrats appear to be flocking to Rep. Joe Sestak, a second-term congressman and retired admiral.

This is a lot like putting your first wife’s name on your second wife’s birthday cake. Awkward.

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29 thoughts on “Specter Twice Thanks His Fellow Republicans At Major Democratic Dinner”

  1. You’d think this guy would get the message.

    Something is wrong upstairs.

  2. Swarthmore Mom,

    I think you are correct. I do think that anyone with the designation of Incumbent will have a rough road to hoe for being the “Ho” they have been.

  3. It looks like democrats are sending their party a message.

  4. It looks like Specter could very well lose. His margins in Philadelphia are not large enough and Sestak is popular in western Pennsylvania.

  5. Bdaman,

    Can’t help you with biology today – the two things commonly found in cells that I’m focused on right now are Cdc25a and MPF and how their mutual regulation during the G2 phase of the cell cycle works…

    Swarthmore Mom,

    Thanks for the info – good news if the Specter v. Sestak polls are correct. FYI, Nate Silver has them even vs. Toomey, but likes Sestak going forward (less baggage – I would also add that he’s not an incumbent senator, either).

  6. Parents must kill Tucson

    May. 4, 2010 12:00 AM
    The Arizona Republic

    Opponents of Senate Bill 1070 have deep
    and reasonable concerns about the racially
    stigmatizing potential of Arizona’s new anti-
    illegal-immigration law. It has the effect of
    separating Americans by race.

    It is ironic, then, that so few opponents of SB
    1070 express similar concerns regarding
    the ethnic-studies department in the Tucson
    Unified School District, a program whose
    expressed intent is to divide students by
    Well-intended as it may be, HB 2281 cannot
    force the change that needs to happen:
    compelling the parents of Tucson students
    to wrench back control of their school
    district from the ideological zealots who are
    using their children as political pawns.

    The TUSD ethnic-studies program has
    thrived primarily for two reasons. …
    They have looked aside as a radical band of self-
    identified “progressives” and racial
    separatists expanded its influence in the

  7. “So to sum up, it’s not okay to advocate the overthrow of the government in an ethnic studies class, which doesn’t happen anyway. But it’s totally okay for stupid white people to advocate the overthrow of the government in any other kind of class, or anywhere else at all. Makes total sense.”

    Excellent summation!

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