4 thoughts on “How Not To Get Rid Of Your Yard Trash”

  1. Is this the same guy who cut down a tree last year … destroying his house in the process?

  2. I was gonna say something until I remebered cutting into a live 1/2 inch gas line the other day… (I was able to kill the main valve before blowing up the house; although I did not have enough sense to kill the main valve before cutting as I thought it was already a dead line.)

    ? Post 1 above – New cheap gas nowdays goes boom better??? Wouldn’t that make for better perfermance in the engine?

    At any rate, a good arsonist knows 50/50 gas/oil mix is the best.

  3. Gas does NOT burn, gas VAPORS do, and with the new cheap gas they have now a days, they burn with a BOOM!

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