Meet Jose Lopez Madrigal: Accused Rapist and Nine Time Deportee

In Edmonds, Washington, Jose Lopez Madrigal is in jail for alleged rape. He is not unfamiliar with custody, however. Police have learned that Madrigal has been deported nine times.

He is accused of grabbing a woman on the street and raping her behind a dumpster.

When police arrested him, they found some 30 aliases but eventually traced him through fingerprint records. He was previously convicted of theft with a firearm and drug violations.

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8 thoughts on “Meet Jose Lopez Madrigal: Accused Rapist and Nine Time Deportee”

  1. I live 3 blocks from this rape site. Liberals in this state have made this city and others like Seattle a sanctuary city. Unfortunately, liberalism is ignorance and they don’t see the repercussions of having such a naive take on a real problem. AZ is wising up to its unresponsiveness a little too late. Edmonds,WA is finding out why being soft on illegals is not a smart way to go. Perhaps it won’t take them being the kidnap capital of the US to figure this out like it took Phoenix.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder

  2. There’s a rumor he’s collecting a monthly a stipend from the teabaggers.

  3. i agree. we need better border control…but once someone is here illegally we should not be looking at them as potential voters who are handled with kid gloves by politicians who dont respect our laws. pols see them and instantly think amnesty rather than being criminals…which they are, thus the term illegal alien.

  4. macfly,

    They’ve caught and deported him nine times. If he’s a poster-boy for anything it’s the need to make it harder to get into the country illegally, not to deport him at a somewhat faster rate if he ever steps foot into Arizona.

  5. It seems to me that this law is gonna be like the war on drugs. In reality all bark no bite. Then again, if the same people that are so in favor of these type of laws want unreasonable intrusion in there daily lives, just wait. Think about the seat belt law and how it all started. Just the front seat driver, passenger and kinds under a certain age. Now everyone must wear one. Except if your riding on a school bus or public transportation. Makes sense to me.

    These types of laws are how Hitler was able to put any unrest down. The rights were taken away slowly but surely. Does not anyone stop and think of the long term unintended consequences of this type of legislation?

    So he has been deported 9 times. If he has been deported before he will most certainly be deported again. This time he will have an intervening delay of deporting. He may get life for the rape. In cases such as these the Feds usually defer to state prosecution to end before taking action. But then again, the state may not have the resources to keep him for life and he could be freed after a few years for deportation.

    “One criminal justice source says Madrigal is a “poster boy” for the federal governments ineffectiveness at keeping the most serious “criminal aliens” – illegals who commit crimes – out of the United States.”

  6. Gee, and that Arizona law which seeks to enforce our CURRENT laws is soooooo bad. give me a break. if the feds dont want to deal with this problem, and it IS a problem, then let the states do it.

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