High School Football Coach Removed After Allegedly Sending Explicit Pictures To His 20-Year-Old Girlfriend

Jason Robinson, 32, has been removed as head football coach for the Mandarin High School in Jacksonville, Florida after allegedly sending inappropriate pictures to his 20-year-old girlfriend. The age of the girlfriend makes this story rather interesting since two adults sharing such pictures should not normally be a matter for discipline let alone removal.

It has been suggested Robinson may have sent the pictures to other people, but that has not been confirmed. Mandarin Principal Donna Richardson reportedly said it was the parents of Robinson’s girlfriend who notified the school. Once again, it remains unclear whether the woman’s privacy was violated and the conditions under which the pictures were shared. However, some reports state that the pictures were of Robinson himself and that school officials never met with him to get his side of the story.

We will have to wait for more information to come forward. The concern with stories of this kind is that there is an increasing level of discipline of teachers for conduct and associations in their private lives, here.

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9 thoughts on “High School Football Coach Removed After Allegedly Sending Explicit Pictures To His 20-Year-Old Girlfriend”

  1. I am not sure how we can comment about this until we know the story. At two points in the article the charge is inappropriate text messages. Then the story tells us it was an inappropriate “pic” that caused the ruckus. Later we are told they were “pictures,” as in plural. Well, ok, which is it? Maybe it’s both, but you wouldn’t know it from the story. I am not sure how to make heads or tails out of this claptrap, or how this author got out of journalism school. That said, inappropriateness is in the eye of the beholder sometimes, and I would like to see what we are actually talking about before condemning either side.

  2. From the article: “… Robinson claims his girlfriend’s parents dissapprove of the relationship and emailed the pic to staffers.
    … Like any new teacher, Robinson was on probation for three years and can be let go during that period for no reason at all.”


    Whatever the circumstances I think it’s safe to assume that this 20 year old girl’s parents didn’t care much for this 32 year old male gym teacher/head football coach … they got him fired.

    Which means he has a lot more free time to hang around their daughter … with his attorney.

  3. “BTW, say if Mr. Robinson were 42 and the women in question were 30 no one would find that objectionable.” -ET Spoon

    That’s true. I’m 41 myself and I recently dated a 30 yrs old female who happens to be a teacher for a high school. She would sometimes send me inappropriate texts to me while she was working, but that’s no big deal because that’s her cell phone.

  4. The complete news story says, the girlfriend has a sister who attends the high school where Mr. Robinson coachs and, they disapprove of their 20-year-old daughter dating the 32-year-old.

    Robinson’s only “crime” is a lapse in justment.

    BTW, say if Mr. Robinson were 42 and the women in question were 30 no one would find that objectionable.

  5. I’m confused. Nowhere in the article it says anything about inappropriate pictures. Just only text sent via phone.

    Also, your blog also doesn’t reveal that it was all about using school property (phone?) that might have gotten him fired.

    I feel that this article have nothing to do with invasion of privacy, but about the misuse of equipments provided by your employers.

  6. It would be one thing if he used the school computer, but this seems ridiculous.

  7. Although the age difference bothers me. They were after all adults. Now if this was a former student, I may question when the relationship commenced. But the parents of a 20 year old? Is she Developmentally Disabled?

    Other than that I think that most schools have a morality clause in all teacher contracts. Isn’t Florida where a teacher was fired for “Dancing” on her off time?

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