14 thoughts on “Why Does This Man Look Like a Drug Dealer?”

  1. Calling O’Lielly a tool does a diservice to true tools worldwide. How this subhuman has made it this far in life, without getting his ass kicked up around his shoulders, repeatedly, continues to amaze me.

    “And we all know how amazed he was about going to a restaurant and finding out they knew how to behave themselves.”

    But O’Lielly isn’t a racist. Nah!

  2. Just watching the clip,that thought was in the back of his mind the whole time and it just came out.Maybe he thought he was busted.

  3. The guy looks like a lawyer to me, but that’s probably because I’m a lawyer . . .

    alan & Buddha, I’m with you.

  4. carol

    Thanks for the reminder about O’s Harlem restaurant visit. One would like to believe that in right wing world, only O’Reilly held these thoughts. Nah, we don’t need Affirmative Action or Civil Rights Act enforcement. Hey, Bill, Rand Paul much?

  5. I don’t know what else O’Reily thinks, but I’m pretty sure he thinks ALL black people sell drugs and All Black people do drugs. And we all know how amazed he was about going to a restaurant and finding out they knew how to behave themselves.

  6. And, the professor replied, “You look like a coke user” [or something like that]. That part got cut out of most replays. Faux Noise really should do something about this dude. I know they won’t fire him, but make him apologize on the air?????

  7. According to me, Bill O looks like a jackass — and not because he might wear Trooper hats.

  8. @BIL: Don’t count on it. It would seem that every time O’Reilly meets a black man at a party, he checks to see if they might be able to work out a discrete deal.

  9. This is crazy. I bet he thinks that all black men have big…..and that the government is really here to help you…will be the next slogan for Brillo Show.

  10. “cause Bill O’Reilly buys all his coke from black men in Harlem”


    “cause Bill O’Reilly has an assistant buy all his coke from who Bill assumes are black men in Harlem”

    Such an upstanding American like O’Really would never sully his hands directly in a drug deal.

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