Fresh Antiques Sold Here

We have returned from our camping trip in the Shenandoah National Forest and drove by this gem.

As balance, the nearby restaurant should advertise “two-minute eggs made hourly.”

It reminds one of Malcolm Muggeridge’s famous comments about Evelyn Waugh” as “an antique in search of a period, a snob in search of a class.”

9 thoughts on “Fresh Antiques Sold Here”

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  2. Tom Von Fange and the other folks in Sperryville, VA take great pride in funnin’ the city slickers with this bit of country humor at Tom’s business known as “Antique Tables Made Daily.” For over 25 years, Tom and his company have made great farm table reproductions that accommodate the enlightened “fellers” from such far off places as Mount Jackson, Luray, even as far as that shining city on the hill, Mclean. For Tom and the wonderful, hard-working folk of The Valley (as we natives call it) the joke is most decidedly on the “come-heres.” 🙂

  3. OOOPS! Spelling Error.

    I remember a shop up in Southport, Maine, that had an outdoor sign that said: ANTIQUES…made while you wait.

  4. And the inside of the building is ten times larger than the outside.

  5. I guess that they should have a seance to determine which ones will last and which one will become made famous. Harry do I hear you calling?

    The sign is funny.

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