Atomic Belly Flop

With the opening of the pool, we have been watching painful belly flops as kids rediscover the relationship of diving boards and physics. I thought I had to share perhaps the worst belly flop in history. Constable Velumurugan of the Tamil Nadu State Police broke the diving record by leaping off a 125 foot ladder . . .

He proceeded also to set the world’s most painful belly flop.

Kudos: Reddit.

9 thoughts on “Atomic Belly Flop”

  1. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it … too many belly flops during my youth.

  2. BTW ,Thats I how I feel right now,minus the water.At this late hour.

  3. I love the Indians.

    Not a clue, but TOTAL optimists.

    Glad the guy is OK.

  4. Good thing the constable wasn’t put in charge of enforcing the laws of physics. Ouch!

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